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The best things at 3 price points. A Wirecutter competitor.


BuzzFeed Reviews curates the best products in tech, home, lifestyle, and beauty. Discover the best products at three different price points.

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SaaS Marketing Manager

Why is this here? It's just an ad for buzzfeed's affiliate page

Is this considered to be a product?

BRB, throwing up a page with a bunch of amazon affiliate links.




Everything about it

There is no substitute for hard work.

Buzzfeed is pure garbage. Fast food for the mind. It makes your brain fat and dumb. This is just an affiliate link site presented in the insufferable, vapid way the world has sadly come to know over the years from Buzzfeed.





Makin', Buildin', Boppin'

Full disclosure: There's something about getting my information from a company stuck in the throes of trying to any click and any view any way they can that, well, just isn't my style....

That said, BuzzFeed undoubtedly features some higher-quality, long form content. More to the point, no entrepreneur could blame BuzzFeed for moving into yet another space and trying to get a piece of that sweet affiliate revenue...

But if we're judging on merit, BuzzFeed reviews ain't great. I think the 3-price point lens is reductive and sees a lot of great products fall through the cracks (I can say as much at least when it comes to the beauty/clothing products they have reviewed). And as for the reviews they do feature, they reek more of "our editors actually just read every review and relevant article available and paraphrased them into this review, and we passed out some product samples" than of true expertise. But maybe this doesn't matter. Maybe there's utility to be found therein for BuzzFeed's audience.

Interestingly, for BuzzFeed's purposes, I think the 3-price-point method creates a context that is ripe for up-selling (*this luxury option is only $14 more and just fabulousss!*). And let's be honest, what with their massive volume of traffic, this is very likely a win for BuzzFeed, whether or not any of us like it. But pls no more BuzzFeed on ProductHunt.


Not can find better reviews elsewhere


This a sub-par, parading-as-newfangled affiliate site. As if there's a need for another. And really, 3 price points? That's the innovation?

Buzz Feed is a fantastic way to get information that is happening all over the world in a fun way. You can take many fun quizzes, and I always learn something new or fun every day! It is also hilarious. Last but not least, it adjusts to your liking and what you like to see!