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The best things at 3 price points. A Wirecutter competitor.

#3 Product of the DayAugust 29, 2018
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BuzzFeed Reviews curates the best products in tech, home, lifestyle, and beauty. Discover the best products at three different price points.

  • Igor Gorbenko
    Igor GorbenkoSaaS Marketing Manager



    Everything about it

    Why is this here? It's just an ad for buzzfeed's affiliate page

    Is this considered to be a product?

    BRB, throwing up a page with a bunch of amazon affiliate links.

    Igor Gorbenko has never used this product.
  • Dick Hoebee
    Dick HoebeeThere is no substitute for hard work.




    Buzzfeed is pure garbage. Fast food for the mind. It makes your brain fat and dumb. This is just an affiliate link site presented in the insufferable, vapid way the world has sadly come to know over the years from Buzzfeed.

    Dick Hoebee has used this product for one day.
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Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverHunterPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
BuzzFeed quietly rolled out a Wirecutter competitor, curating and reviewing products across tech, beauty, home, and more. This isn't a surprise as they've been experimenting with content + commerce with their Product Labs' introduction of the Tasty One Top, Fondoodler, and even a garbage can. I'm tempted to talk about what we're planning in this space, but now's not the right time. 😉
Abadesi@abadesi · Head of Maker Outreach at Product Hunt
@rrhoover 👀 great way to build suspense 😄
Dave Poly
Dave PolyPro@davepoly · Building Huge Marvel geek.
@rrhoover ahh, what a tease.
Ross Currie
Ross Currie@rossdcurrie · Founder, Brutal TearDowns
@rrhoover Guessing this is a US-only site? I get redirected to, which is basically just listicles with affiliate links in them. Suspect a lot of other people in the comments have experienced this as well.
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverHunterPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
@rossdcurrie strange! I'm in the U.S. and not seeing that redirect.
Ross Currie
Ross Currie@rossdcurrie · Founder, Brutal TearDowns
@rrhoover I imagine it's because of the affiliate links are only good for US visitors. I end up seeing this (from Australia): Which... is basically just standard buzzfeed listicles but with more click-to-buy links
Taurean Bryant
Taurean Bryant@_taurean · Design Generalist.
The first immediate thing that feels is missing is any reason why those reviews should be trusted. Wirecutter does a great job of breaking down what their process was and who the reviewer was each time.
Kyle McInnes
Kyle McInnes@kyle_mcinnes · Product Manager in infectious disease
If you trust Buzzfeed to give you unbiased recommendations, I've got a dossier to sell you.
Dillon Nichols
Dillon Nichols@dillon1337
@kyle_mcinnes Can you offer it to me at three different price points?
Muhammad Usman
Muhammad Usman@muhammad_usman · Web developer @ Weebly
Buzzfeed has great long form content and reviews are one of those things that I usually do research on a lot of sites (including Wirecutter) but it seems like these reviews aren't as high quality as I'd hoped. I don't care about Buzzfeed's "listicles" but I was hoping this was not one of those rebranded for affiliate marketing. The most expensive options are usually ones that are *just* expensive, not much better than the lower priced ones. E.g. the non-stick pan from Cuisineart is not a great buy even at that price point.
Marcel Christianis
Marcel Christianis@marcelc63 · Jakarta, Indonesia
Reminds me of Worth It! (Also a BuzzFeed produced show. The show review a dish at 3 price points).