BuzzFeed Quiz Party

The new, fun way to take BuzzFeed quizzes with friends.

Quiz Party is a social take on the classic BuzzFeed quizzes. Instead of taking a quiz on your own, the new feature allows you to take quizzes with up to 3 friends simultaneously, see their progress as they take the quiz and later see everyone's results.
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Neat idea. Just played a round with a few Product Hunt teammates. The experience feels a bit quiet without voice or video interaction. Any plans to add something like that?
@rrhoover If you want games with video and voice interaction, I hear is launching soon ;) I can get you the private beta with my very special connection :)
Ahaha @rrhoover sounds totally nagging especially with the message just above we just launched today (Uk time) FunApéro on PH. We would really appreciate feedback from you and the team at Product Hunt.