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Business Angel List was created to help entrepreneurs cut through the most tedious and gruelling task of launching a startup: finding Angel Investors with direct contact information.

We give entrepreneurs a deeper understanding of who they’re reaching out to, by providing a ready made list of potential Angels that are furnished with their professional email address and information of their business background. This list also adds value to startups outside of the mega tech hubs, who will now have a leg up to the playing field.

Filter the Angels you'd like to see by location (city or country), the company they work for (or broaden it to the the industry they're involved in) and customise your pitch by gaining a deeper understanding of their business history through their LinkedIN Profile. All investors self identify as Business Angels, consolidated from various investment networks!

California: 1,007

New York: 884

Boston: 478

United Kingdom: 1,060

India: 775

Australia: 440

Germany: 335

..and over 200 more locations worldwide!

Product Hunt users are eligible for a $15 off discount, with the code PH15. Exclusive for our first month from launch!


  • Pros: 

    Very helpful. Sourcing investors should save a lot of time


    Noting I can think of

    Pumped to see how this evolves. Sourcing investors is SUCH a pain. Hopefully this will cut down on the amount of time this takes for startups. Best of luck!

    Alex has never used this product.
  • Danielprabhakaran NSoftware Engineer

    Nice idea, Great Implementation, Useful


    Not for now

    Great platform guys, really like how this was executed. My team is beyond grateful for how much time this will save us!

    It's so useful for my friend's startup also.

    Danielprabhakaran N has used this product for one week.


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Benjamin Low@benjamin_low · Fixer, Edialogy
As one of the investors who funded this project, I'm very pleased with how it has been executed. Website looks great, it's user friendly and the size of the investor list is impressive. Part of the reason why I invested is because I believe that the information provided would be useful for startups who are looking for funding, as this gives them quick insight to the background of the Angels they're pitching to. Good job, team! Well done.
Alisha JacksonMaker@shjcksn · Founder, Business Angel List
@benjamin_low Thanks for believing, Ben!
Benjamin Low@benjamin_low · Fixer, Edialogy
@shjcksn @ionut_tamas The link is up now.
Alisha JacksonMaker@shjcksn · Founder, Business Angel List
Conceived with the mission to empower entrepreneurs, Business Angel List was built after months of researching various investment networks. Our team assembled a list of active, self-identified Business Angels, with the goal of helping your startup cut through the time consuming task of sourcing for investors. Filter the Angels by location, current job information, industry; and take a look at their LinkedIN Profiles for a deeper understanding of whom you’re reaching out to. Then send an email directly to the relevant Angels that you think would be most interested in what you are building. We use this list for our own fundraising purposes too :) If received well, we’ll dig deeper and look into helping you find mutual connections with these Angels, which should help you get a warmer introduction. Perhaps also Angels who have worked in the same company as you, went to your college or high school etc. One of the coolest things about this is; due the sheer size of the database, we can add so much value in helping startups outside of the mega tech hubs get in touch with Business Angels (ie. over 300 Angels listed in Florida, 299 in Singapore, 270 in France). So if you have a hard time finding connections, this will give you a leg up to the playing field. Go ahead and check out how many Business Angels we have listed in your city, by visiting our Preview page:
Markus Ahman@markusahman · air
Does it where registration here.
Alisha JacksonMaker@shjcksn · Founder, Business Angel List
@markusahman Hey Markus, sorry but I'm not so clear on what you mean. You can register here:
Hi there. How has the response been so far? Have people started using it?
Alisha JacksonMaker@shjcksn · Founder, Business Angel List
@alexsmall711 Hi Alex, the response has actually been great! A number of startups have found investors in the private beta version we had up (prior to launching here), and we're already getting a whole bunch of subscribers from this posting in the past few hours.
@shjcksn pretty awesome. Any promos for product hunters? :)
Alisha JacksonMaker@shjcksn · Founder, Business Angel List
@alexsmall711 Yes! As noted in the product description, Product Hunt users are eligible for a $15 off discount, with the code PH15. Exclusive for our first 100 subscribers!
@shjcksn sweet. Ok. I have some friends who will love this. I'll share it around. best of luck with your project, and congrats on launching! pumped to see where you take it.
Alisha JacksonMaker@shjcksn · Founder, Business Angel List
@alexsmall711 Fantastic! Thanks Alex, we appreciate the feedback :)
Michael Todd@tradeplayz_mt · TradePlayz - Corp. Bus. Dev. Dir.
How does this differ from Pitchbook?
Alisha JacksonMaker@shjcksn · Founder, Business Angel List
@tradeplayz_mt Hey Michael, Pitchbook is for funds who are looking to raise money from other funds ie. you wouldn't use this to raise money for your startup, you'd use it to raise money for your VC firm. We help early stage startups connect with Angel Investors. As far as we're aware, there's nothing else in the world that allows you to connect directly with this many Angel Investors.