Homes and housemates in the heart of the city

Bungalow is a new residential real estate platform that provides beautiful homes with great roommates to early career professionals.

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Pretty cool idea. Pricing looks good for a furnished home. This looks great for people just starting out their careers (don't have much bagged) or temp living because of a job.
Saw some coverage on this yesterday. Amazing to watch tech continue to stir up (and improve) the real estate industry. Nice hunt @chrismessina!
This is neat! Reminds me of SoHome here in the UK, which is super early stage but super exciting too.
Bungalow may seem like a neat innovative company, but once you live in one of their homes you realize how terrible they are. I am a current tenant and have had problems with the house not being up to code which led to a fire and with the absence of smoke detectors (against the law btw) we could have died. Bungalow has messed up in every way including not resolving issues like lack of gas and heat for 3 weeks! I know it is not just my house in LA but if you look up peoples comments Reddit you'll see that it is terrible. Bungalow simply has a terrible terrible structure and staff. There is a reason why they don't have any place to review them - they know how terrible they are to tenants. So please save yourself and do not live in a Bungalow home.