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Hey- We talked more about this update on our Medium here https://medium.com/bumpers/publi... "Recording, editing, and sharing audio has never been easier than it is on Bumpers. We’ve seen people use Bumpers to create hilarious one-off episodes either alone or with friends, in cars and trains and at parties and on the street. But a lot of users have been using the platform to create episodes around a theme, much like a traditional podcast series. They also want to publish their series where they are already consuming audio: iTunes and Google Play. Until now, there’s been no official way on the app to do this. Today we are launching series, making it easier for you to publish and consume on Bumpers. Anyone can now create a series, which is a collection episodes (created by them or others). These series get an RSS feed which you can submit to iTunes or Google Play." If you want any help creating a series out of existing content, building a new one around new content, or want our help featuring your series, email me lina@bumpers.fm
The below are a few of my favorite Series being created on Bumpers: Jenkins and Jonez - Last Week in the NBA Playoffs https://bumpers.fm/jenkinsandjonez Jeff Pearlman - The Best of Jeff https://bumpers.fm/bestofjeffpea... Marcas Grant - Instant Replay https://bumpers.fm/instant-replay Josh Rosen - The Josh and Josh Show https://bumpers.fm/josh Fred Segal - Freezing Cold Take Reports https://bumpers.fm/freezingcoldt...
@_sdunn_ +1 for Jenkins and Jonez 😂, interested to see how the series functionality evolves.
@theeskipper @_sdunn_ they're the best.
Brilliant work guys! I have been looking for something similar to this that was easy and quick because I haven't had the time to do so currently. I can't wait to see how it goes! Keep it coming!
@3raxton Yaaaay! Would love to hear your thoughts once you give it a shot. Quick and easy is definitely our goal here. Holler if you have any feedback or questions.
@linalovesit I absolutely love it 🙌🏻 Somehow I missed the original post on Product Hunt however, I am super stoked to continue diving into Bumpers. I am thinking about a series about college or travel but for now, I'll stick to the prompts. However, I do have one feature request. When recording and then locking my device the app remains active which doesn't exactly help my battery life. Is there a possibility this could be addressed?
@3raxton Hey Braxton, so while you're actively recording the app does have to be live. Bumpers is typically shorter form so people aren't typically recording for an hour+. Does that help? Email me lina@bumpers.fm
@linalovesit yes absolutely! Thanks for clearing that up!
I think this is a smart move guys
@devin_ross Thanks so much! Hope to see a series from you, let me know if you need anything.
This is a great move for bumpers 💜 it makes it an even more attractive platform for my new podcast.
@tese_omesan Yes! Come through. I honestly think you will be so excited and impressed by how quickly and easily you can go from having an idea to submitting your high quality episode to itunes store through Bumpers.