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I am really excited about finally starting to make Bumpers a place to discover and consume content. We have a lot of really great creators like: - Lakers Nation (https://bumpers.fm/lakersnation) does quick pre/post game recaps and updates which is a really great use of the ease of use of Bumpers. - Jeff Pearlman (http://bumpers.fm/u/b0j8h9kui1eg...) does a bunch of story telling which is also really great. As for non sports: - Shell (http://bumpers.fm/shell) does Tinder Tuesdays and is part of the major genre of fast food reviews on Bumpers. - Felix (http://bumpers.fm/felix) does pop culture takes. And for tech: - I do a Bumpers on Bumpers (http://bumpers.fm/iano) where I talk about the company and how we do what we do - My cofounder also does a similar thing (http://bumpers.fm/fat) - Desandro did a really great episode about Github and Mental Health https://bumpers.fm/e/audr171motk... Anyways happy to chat!
@iano Are there plans to add more categories? Comedy? Thanks, congrats on bumpers, really like where the product is headed.
@ajsharp Yup! We were just talking about adding comedy.
@iano nice. Not related to categories, but another nice feature I'm sure you guys have heard would be the ability to import audio from Dropbox or wherever. Recording multiple people through the iPhone mic is not super ideal from a quality perspective, but I get where you might not want to do that, as then bumpers could just end up as another distribution network for podcasts. Anyway, thanks, liking the product!
@ajsharp Probably ideal for us is to let you record people from multiple phones at the same time which would be great. Watch this space.
Bumpers is such a cool product and categories are a super awesome addition for discovery. Very cool!
@steveluvender thanks steve love you!!!
@iano @steveluvender agreed, looking good!
Nice work!
@joelwish Thanks Joel!
The short-form podcasts are def the way to go. I love a 1hr+ podcasts but for some type of news or media outlets a quick audio is the best. It's like having a friend tell you about all the important stuff today via short audio snippets.