Bulk Email Validation

Clean your existing email lists with mailbox verification

Mailgun has been hard at work developing the fastest Email Validation service on the market, based on data from billions of emails sent. Upload a .CSV to validate a large list of email contacts and get rid of invalid/risky addresses before you send a message.
Elena Aguirre-Guidet
Elena Aguirre
  • Elena Aguirre-Guidet
    Elena Aguirre-GuidetProduct Marketing Specialist @Mailgun

    I like that there's a risk score generated for every single email address. Helps me decide if it's a good idea to send to that recipient.


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    It was cool to test the product in development to clean up my existing database of contacts to spot invalid contacts before moving from one CRM to another. Greatly reduced the number of contacts that had to be pushed over, saving my team some dollars in the process.

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Great job!!😀 could we soon have an adding options in email to quickly scan which is fake emails and do not repeat in emailing them
@ayush_chandra with bulk email validation today, you can actually take the email addresses that come back with a high risk result and add them to your suppressions list through Mailgun. This way, when you send a message the email won't be sent to those addresses. :)
Hi Product Hunt! Elena here from the Mailgun team. We’ve been working on some improvements to our email validation service that make it easier to verify multiple email addresses at a time. We’ve also added a list upload feature to our UI so you can add a CSV file of your existing email contacts and clean your list before sending an email. What bulk validation can do: Separate the good addresses from the risky ones: export valid and invalid addresses separately to JSON or CSV so you can see which emails should be suppressed based on the risk score for each individual email address. Save your CSV file to email list: once you’ve validated your list, it’s saved in your Mailgun account so you can send messages. Check that a mailbox exists: runs the syntax check, but also pings the SMTP server to see if the email address exists - without sending an email first. Share your questions in the comments and let us know what you think about the UX design - we’d love to get your feedback on how we can make bulk validation even better! ;)
Why do you need to clean a list? Shouldn't your subscribers double-opt-in?
@stewartjarod You're absolutely correct, you should be using double opt-in from the start, and if you have been along with sunsetting policies, then you should have a healthy list. What happens though if you haven't been and want to start double opting in (or sunsetting) months, or even years, after you've started collecting email addresses? In this case, bulk validation is a great way to get rid of invalid users on your list, and at the same time deploy double opt-in practices, essentially moving forward with a healthy list. If I start double opting in after the fact, then double opting in on its own won't ensure your historically collected addresses are good. Over time, implementing sunsetting policies and following them will also help ensure you don't have old/bad addresses and unengaged users on your lists. Another great use case for our bulk validations are resellers. If you're a reseller taking on new clients, and aren't sure of the health of the client's list, bulk validations can be used to gauge the list health before onboarding a new client and sending out campaigns and potentially harming domain reputation.
@zeefarmer Thanks for the reply and that insight.