Build on Standard Library allows anybody to build Zapier-style workflows and APIs with a powerful UI running atop serverless architecture. No code required to start — professional quality code gets generated for you automatically as part of the experience.
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Hey all! The Standard Library team (@hacubu @notoriaga @mss_ledezma) have been hard at work for the last nine months preparing Build on Standard Library. It's workflow automation for developers -- both veterans and newbies alike. Every workflow you build gets shipped as a serverless API, and it's completely backed by code. We're excited to see what you think, we have a lot more coming and a lot more to build. :) Feel free to read the introductory blog post that gives a bit of the history of the company: Thanks for all your support!
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Best part about Build is it's one of many use cases for the Std.lib platform.


Was intuitive setup for platforms, triggers, and output. In building products, I often need a step up from Zapier


More platforms!!

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Thanks Chris! 😊We're grateful to have your support.
This looks awesome! Great job Keith and team! 🙌
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@_schickling Thanks Johannes :). And thanks for being supportive / thoughtful all these years! We hope your team at Prisma has the opportunity to enjoy the new product as well. (I kept this one hidden from a lot of people while we worked out the kinks!)
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This has a lot of promise!
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Excellent tool! Well done! Looking forward to see more platforms.
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@laurent_malka any APIs you’d like to see in particular?
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@laurent_malka @keithwhor Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress, RSS, Airtable... Thanks.
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