Seriously awesome bug reporting for iOS apps

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Hey folks – Buglife is awesome, and you should drop everything you're doing and try it out now. Afterwards, I'll be here to answer any questions!
@schukin Looks awesome
I tried out a beta of this - it's really great & definitely something I'd hate to have to build myself!
Awesome! Removes the whole friction of taking screenshots of stuff and then going all MS-PAIN(t) on it to annotate the issue (or whatever else 3rd party tool people use). With something like this, you are bound to get more 'feedback' since it simplifies the whole process.
Isn't this what Instabug does? What's your differentiator?
@idris Same question here :)
@theoblochet @idris There are definitely a number of bug reporting / feedback tools out there; as iOS developers, we’ve never been satisfied with any of the existing solutions. We built Buglife to be a more focused, polished & robust SDK that iOS developers & teams will truly love using. But don’t take our word for it... Try it out & compare! :) In addition to unique features such as automatic screenshot blurring, Buglife has one major differentiator that we’re particularly really proud of: Developers can use the SDK *for free*, without even signing up, by initializing Buglife in their code using only their email address. I believe we’re one of the very few, if only, mobile toolkits with a web backend that can be used without signing up for an account / API key.
great title.