Bug reporting for mobile apps made simple

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"Reduce long email threads and multiple screenshots for reporting issue. Create a better feedback loop between app creators, testers and end users thus enabling you to build better and bug free apps. " What I really like about this is that users can record their screens and show what they did when they encountered a bug or crash. Much more insightful than just crash reports. Maybe @puneetsmail can answer some Q's.
Thanks @bramk . I am here to answer all questions.
A very useful product indeed.. We have been using it for developing our iOS app @namemyworld and are mighty impressed with its features..
Thanks! @veetwokay @namemyworld. We've got some interesting stuff cooking in the Bug Kitchen. You'll love the update :)
Thanks a lot @milann for the shout out :) Glad that you had a great experience with us. And nice to meet you, @puneetsmail. Congrats on @bugclipper - let's help everyone squash their bugs!
Cheers! @milann. let me know if you need any help in getting started with @bugclipper. Thanks! @OKGabr great to see you. Yeah! let's make the world bug free :P
My experience says a clear crash report + screenshot with annotation is enough to report bugs. Something which Instabug is already offering (which is great freaking tool). I refuse to test without it actually. I have to see if the video addition is a plus, and not a unnecessary feature. Did someone test Instabug ( http://www.producthunt.com/posts... ) and BugClipper? What's your experience? Also, I dig the 'shake to share feedback' of Instabug, it's clearly communicated at the start and that makes it not part of the experience (and people already know the undo interaction). Test buttons (how are they shown) should not be part of the interface and with design freaks out there, it's not pretty.
@milann I have used both @bugclipper and @instabug. Let me tell you my experience. @bugclipper is a great tool for Beta/UAT testing and they solve this use case very well. To get feedback from end-users, I prefer @helpshift. @instabug does screenshot annotations, but when you are working with developers sitting remotely - explaining issues has been a big pain. When I first tried the video feature of @bugclipper, Oh boy! life is easy. I would create video bug reports and they were directly sent to our @asana project. Infact, I stopped writing those long issue descriptions, because everything I talked was also being recorded in the screen video. Coming to the test button - they have actually created two modes as testing & production. In test mode when the app is with the testers - the test button comes for quick access. Its draggable anywhere and is very handy to quickly access the toolset. For production or app store releases you can configure it with any of your menu item or with the shake gesture. That's pretty simple configuration. I would say, its worth trying.
@veetwokay @bugclipper @instabug @bugclipper @helpshift @instabug @bugclipper @asana thanks for the detailed experience report, now I will definitely will try and read more of the documentation and convert my devs into using this. As a product owner I'm always looking for the best possible tools to communicate with my team. Especially working remotely :) (slack and trello ftw). I know that @instabug is actually working on a Trello import function (right @okgabr ? )
@milann Yes! It's coming really soon.