Bugbot by Kuoll

Instantly see user actions that lead up to a bug, in Slack

Bugbot by Kuoll notifies you about new bugs in your web application. Kuoll script automatically records debuggable user sessions, detects bugs in your web app and reports those bugs to you. Each bug report is a recorded user session that contains user actions, network requests (with content and headers) and authentic javascript execution flow.

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We recently started using Kuoll for SendPulse (https://sendpulse.com). Initially, our developers were very reluctant to try this service, had several concerns about performance and ability to find javascript bugs, but now we upgraded to the full version and regularly getting some valuable feedback from Kuoll bot about front end errors (we have couple of very heavy parts in the service - drag and drop html editor and popup form builder, and it's hard to impossible to find all possible bugs without such tools).
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@medvednikov Wow, thank you Eugene! I believe every new product/category faces lots of challenges/disbelieve. Happy to have you as a customer. Btw, use GETKUOLL coupon to get 50% OFF for 1 year.
This looks really handy — like a stack trace for user browser issues piped directly into Slack!
Thank you Chris! Very true, and for each stack trace we also provide user session record that shows what the user did before error happened. Btw, use GETKUOLL coupon to get 50% OFF for 1 year.
We are using Kuoll at http://ganttpro.com So far it's awesome
A useful tool.
Seems like a useful tool, I like to see more and more well done Slack integrations.
Thank you @sprinter. I wondering if Slack one day will become the only interface for many products.