Integrate Zendesk with Slack to supercharge customer support

BubbleIQ helps customer support teams using Zendesk better engage coworkers and customers inside of Slack. It’s a two way integration that allows Zendesk tickets to be created from Slack, and responses from Slack threads to post back to Zendesk.

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Hey all! Couldn’t be happier to share what @GitTristan and I have been building for the past 6 months. After several iterations on products designed to improve business workflows using chat-based collaboration, we’ve landed on something that is resonating! Some of the awesome use cases we’ve seen so far: - Using Slack’s new Shared Channels or single channel guests to message with customers, and leveraging BubbleIQ to turn messages into Zendesk tickets to ensure everything is tracked and answered. - Posting Zendesk tickets into Slack to get approval for escalations or get input from an engineer/coworker without asking them to login to another system. - Allowing employees to create IT support tickets, or sales people to submit tickets on behalf of customers, and see all the responses to that ticket in Slack. We’d love to hear ideas about other use cases, get feedback, and answer any questions you have! We’re also happy to talk about our experience building for the Slack App store and Zendesk App store, both of which have been great partners. Oh yea, we also made a mascot for our launch. Let us know in the comments if you want a limited edition Bubble Cat sticker :)
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One of my colleagues once called @fletchrichman the Prince of Boulder (with @bfeld being the King). One of the smartest, sharpest, kindest, most helpful founders I know. 13/10 would recommend anything he builds. Congrats, dude!
Great work Fletcher and Tristan! :D
I've watched this bot come to life, and it is great to see if come to fruition! A great and valuable use case for bots - and a great application of Botkit!
@benbrown It's been awesome working with your team and product! Botkit has been amazing to get up and running quickly to validate (and invalidate) our ideas, and now is helping us grow and scale with our first customers. We wouldn't be where we are without ya!
Bubble is great love how easy it is to support our customers across departments!
@coloradically thanks! It's great use cases like your's that have helped turn BubbleIQ into a mature product.