Tiny library to add interactive backgrounds to webpages

Brusher is a little JavaScript library that lets you add interactive backgrounds to your webpages. It can be used to create fancy backgrounds or to put a blurry picture of your product which will be made visible when the user hovers over different sections. Have a look at the demo to get the idea.

I love it. I can think of a few easter egg ideas with it. dope 🚬 🚬
Hey @kamran_ahmed, This is fun. What made you want to create this?
Hey @jacqvon, Thank you for the comment. I can't remember the website but I saw something similar on some website, where they had different screens of their product combined in an image and used as a blurred background of the website; giving the visitor a better idea about the product. I loved the UI and how usable it was and thought I should implement this for my project and so Brusher was born. I had this in my idea book for some time now and I made it for one of my personal projects but released it as a library so that others may use it.
Inspired from
Really cool effect! Thanks for sharing.