Live interactive cross-browser testing from your browser.

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Great idea but the "free version" is really limiting and renders it rather useless. Imagine if gmail had started with giving 1MB of space .. thats how it feels on this. Sorry to be harsh
@rameshdot0 Thanks for your honest feedback. The free version still has its uses. We keep browsers on the free version up to date, so if you need to do quick testing on the latest browsers, you can just flip through them quickly. Once we grow a little bit more we'll be able to offer something nicer. :)
@rameshdot0 I'm gonna have to agree with Ramesh, Vista + IE9 is practically a defunct scenario since Vista had ridiuclously low acceptance rates and IE9 pretty much only on PCs and Servers that are "protected" or not connected to the internet
@kwdinc This will definitely be a huge timesaver! Great Hunt!
@spinoodle For sure! :)
How do these compare with BrowserStack? We use BrowserStack at work & it does a pretty good job, intrigued to hear if Browserling differentiates itself in any way.
@fredrivett Thanks for your question. I'm the co-founder of Browserling. Many of the features are the same features but we also offer Live API ( Live API lets you embed browsers right in your own testing product via a neat JavaScript interface. It's been very popular in QA teams. We're the first company to offer live interactive testing in your browser, we launched in 2010, while our competitors added this feature much later. We're constantly innovating at Browserling. Last year I published this blog post - top 10 innovations at Browserling ( We also love working fast. Inbox zero and happy customers is how we roll. :)
@pkrumins Great, thanks Peteris, appreciate the response! πŸ˜€
Looked great at first, but then I went back to the 90's. I think this product can become soooo much better. Keep up the (pretty) good work! 😌
@mkaroumi Thank you! I agree, the product's UI needs an update. It just works well and is easy to understand that we haven't changed it yet. :)
@pkrumins @mkaroumi Looking forward to a potential change. Please let us know when the 2.0 is out ;)
Browserling lets you do cross-browser testing from your browser. Instead of maintaining a bunch of virtual machines for the browsers, you can just go to and use the browsers!
@kwdinc Thanks for submitting Browserling to Product Hunt!