AI assisted tool to understand user experience visually.

Browsee - Stop Guessing 🤦‍♀️, Start Acting 💪
✔ AI Tags on sessions - With 5% of sessions, understand 100% of user issues
✔ Always on session recording and heatmaps
✔ Create funnels and segments on user actions - No code required
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Hello Makers, For any digital product, giving a flawless experience to its users is the standard and failing to do so can have a direct correlation with falling revenues. With a checklist of new feature releases every day, it is extremely hard to keep up with the product quality. Browsee is your smart assistant to help understand users visually and improve on conversion rates. 💪 🤔 How are we different? There are some great tools where you get to see session replays, heatmaps, and funnels but we understand that the main problem is not showing a session but to identify which session to watch to get insights. 🤖 Automatic AI Tags on Session Replays - Search on user actions helps in filtering down sessions, however, it also removes the possibility of serendipitously encountering interesting sessions which you should watch. AI tags find the most interesting sessions for you to watch. We estimate it reduces the effort to watch sessions by 95%. Always on Heatmaps with time Comparison - With our always-on heatmaps, you can make changes to your pages and compare the heatmaps side by side to get a better understanding of page performance due to changes made. Component Analytics - For frameworks like React, Angular, Vue, it is non-trivial to track components instead of a page. For example, a signup modal or a card that is being used at multiple pages, you can track its cumulative performance in one place with our component analytics. Also, easily slice and dice its performance for various segments. No Code Events - You can easily track any button or element without adding a single event with retrospective data. 👓 Browsee respects user privacy and gives all possible options to anonymize user sessions.
@shraddhasrivastava Congrats on your launch. I am a bit curious on how you folks calculate the monthly sessions. Also I noticed that your max plan is capped at 30k sessions. Any specific reasons for that ?
@devaonbreaches Hey Devanand, Thanks a lot! So, sessions are computed on the basis of pricing. We do a random sampling according to your daily quota. So, for eg. if you have 30k sessions quota, we will record 1k sessions on a daily basis. We also have a priority recording feature where in you can record a specific URL at priority. Sorry, it is not capped at 30k monthly sessions. We compute the pricing beyond that with extra sessions per month. You can record as many sessions as you like. Let me know if you have any other questions 🙂
@shraddhasrivastava That logic for sessions calculation is pretty useful. Cheers.
This looks super useful, congratulations on your launch! I'm curious about your session activity tag model (frustration clicks vs searching for something etc.) if you don't mind giving some more detail (no worries if it's secret sauce kind of thing)... Did you collect a bunch of user data and annotate it? What kinds of features did you use? Do you have a separate model for mobile vs. web?
@alxcnwy Hi Alex, Thanks a lot. Our tags stem from some heuristics which we have built over time on click coordinates and page url data. For each of them we first envisioned the behavior and then simulated patterns to develop each tag and we are still adding more based on the input we are getting from our users. We have implemented ability to take user input to reduce false positives. However, you are right we have not yet refined it to be different for mobile and web. We should do that for at least the click based tags. Thanks once again, Shraddha
Сongratulations on your launch!
@hanna_welch Thanks a lot Hanna! :)
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