Broadcast 2.0

Podcasts made social πŸŽ™

Broadcast 2.0 wants to make it easier for you discover new podcasts through your friends with a bunch of new features. πŸŽ™

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Hey Guys πŸ‘‹ Recently joined the team at broadcast as a designer 🎨 and we launched broadcast 2.0 today with the goal of making podcasts more social! We have added a number of features including: Seeing what your friends are currently listening to , Live🎧 Google Cast support πŸ“Ί Huge profile redesign 🎨 Show notes πŸ—’ Full support for iPhone XS and XR! Countless bug fixes 😴
@aaronoleary great job! Really like the UI of it!
@frcbls thanks! Means a lot! πŸ€—πŸ˜…
@tcodinat Thanks! :D

I like the user interface and I think there is lot of room for more features and upgrades. I can way to see what will come next


Really friendly platform that allows you to connect with other podcasters or listeners.


Develop the social part to differentiate from iTunes podcast for example

What's new in this update?
@amrith Hey Amrith! Sorry was actually adding the comment, we have added a number of new features, including: seeing what friends are listening to live, better support for show notes, full support for new iphone XS and XR, Casting support and more.
Hey all πŸ‘‹ we are super proud to show you all what we’ve been working on this past few months! We spent a good deal of time listening to feedback and suggestions from our first release almost a year ago and now we are back! πŸš€ Thanks to everyone who has been using Broadcast (some of you religiously!) this past year, you and your support has made doing this more than worthwhile. We invite you to give 2.0 a spin and give us any feedback or suggestions you might have to make BC the ultimate social podcast experience for you! 😘 Happy listening ~ @patrick on Broadcast
@patrick @patrickjmq I have been trying a lot of podcast apps lately and comparing them, would love to give this one a try too, very much impressed with the design and amazed about the cast support. Interesting concept to make listening more social. I was wondering if you were also planning on an android version of it, if so I would be really interested to collaborate as a remote android freelancer. Will share my thoughts on the app after using it for a while. Cheers.
@akshaymoorthy we are actively looking at building an Android app! Let us know when you’ve had time to test out the app πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ
looks cool, any plans for an android version?
@golear Hey we have the same name! We are currently looking into it! :)