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Just started listening to podcasts, i'm using the basic app from Apple. Why should I switch the apps?
@vladcalus With Broadcast, you can see, what your friends are listening to and get recommendations based on the episodes you already listened to. So especially when you're new to podcasts, we help you discover new shows you might love and don't know yet.
@vladcalus Hey Vlad fantastic question! Apple's podcast app is fine assuming you know exactly what show you're looking for. The more you listen to podcasts, the more you realise that the ones you end up *really* loving are the ones that those you trust, your friends or family, have suggested to you. They've vetted them already, they are hooked, so there is a good chance they're of decent quality and interesting. On the Apple podcast app you get none of that organic discovery. You have to dig and dig and dig and spend hours half listening to shows to find something you'll tolerate. Apple's app turns you into a passive listener, Broadcast turns you into an active fan.
@vladcalus @patrickjmq Why should I enjoy recommendations by friends and family if the whole purpose of podcasts is to broaden your horizon and distance yourself from your echo chamber?
@vladcalus @mhagemann Hey Matt! That’s exactly the point, chances are what your friends are listening to are of topics outside of your usual circle of interest. For example, I couldn’t have cared less about Irish history despite being Irish but when someone who’s taste I trust listened to one about Nazis In ireland after WW2, I gave it a listen and that set me on a journey of discovery on the topic as well getting me to subscribe to that show. That echo chamber effect you mentioned comes from algorithmic reccomendation engines suggesting stuff based on stuff you’ve previously listened to. It’s not just your friends you can follow though, say you’re listening to something and see a really interesting comment underneath it by someone you don’t know. You follow them and suddenly you’re exposed to new stuff that they’re into. Long winded answer to but hopefully it helps!
@vladcalus @patrickjmq Thanks! Super helpful answer. Will give it a try.
Hi everyone! I'm one of the makers behind Broadcast and i'm beyond delighted to pull the proverbial sheet off of what we've built and show it to the world! Broadcast has been a huge labour of love for the team and I (Massive shout out to @josephinerahadi @jonathanvoelkle and @eva_jersin). Starting life as a hackathon project participating in this years ProductHunt global hackathon, we quickly realised that what we where building would be something other people would love as much as we do! I've been a huge podcast person for the guts of a decade but I had only been listening to 2 shows religiously in that time period. Now that podcasts have really hit the mainstream, all of my friends are suddenly big into them and thanks to their suggestions my roster of 2 has rocketed to nearly a dozen fantastic shows. Thats where Broadcast comes in, allowing you to have that exact experience over and over, seamlessly. We are going for a 'release small, release fast' cycle so we would really love any feedback you guys can give us to help make Broadcast as useful as possible, as quickly as possible! Thanks all!
I've had a few people ask "Where is the Broadcast Alexa skill and the Google Home support??". Worry not, i've bought both a dot and a home mini this Christmas so we will be releasing app for both in the coming week and a half! Stayed tuned :)
Is there something that Broadcast does that Tung, Podly, Breaker (and a few others) don't do, does differently or does better?
@mattholsinger Good question! Broadcast focuses on episode level discovery, it seamlessly combines trending episodes, new from your subs and what your friends are listening to into a single feed. It also allows you to mention people under an episode to bring them into the conversation. Where it shines (in my opinion) is in the way it doesn’t split users, subscriptions etc into separate sections. The whole thing is built around the community instead of being a standard podcast app with community bolted on (like the others). We have some pretty exciting features in the works too!
@patrickjmq Cool, thanks for the answer. I'll give it a whirl. I'm a heavy podcast listener and always on the look out for a better experience. Best of luck.
Not available for Indian app store, hopefully It will be soon...
@deephdave We currently lack the resources to translate it outside of english at the moment, however if you think it would be okay in english for the time being, i'd be more than happy to make it available in India!
@deephdave @patrickjmq Make in NL also.. We speak english quite well 🧐
@deephdave @arnz8o8 opened it up to the 🇳🇱 it should be available to you under the hour 😁👍
@deephdave @patrickjmq Awesome! Can't wait to try this one out. Thanks 😀