Brill 2.0

From sticky notes to anywhere 200x faster than typing

#1 Product of the DayOctober 18, 2019
Convert your handwritten notes into text 200x faster than typing using photos for sticky notes and voice-to-text for everything else! Manage and share your notes however you like, and export directly to Jira, Google Sheets and Trello 👾
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Simply Brill!
@joshbondy we could not agree more :)
Hey @nassoskappa! Loving the design of the app! What's new in Brill 2.0?
@calum thanks! The main update is that you can now Instantly digitize handwritten notes 200x faster than typing! Brill’s real-time sticky note detection and rapid voice-to-text feature make digitizing handwritten notes instant! Manage, share, and export directly to Jira & Trello! Here is a high-level update on what’s new since launch: 01. Reimagined camera capture mode. Now users can use their iPhone camera to snap photos of their sticky notes and digitize their content 200x faster than typing, using a combo of computer vision and ML. 02. More and better export options. The captured notes can easily be shared with anyone or be exported to Google Drive, Jira or Trello. 03. UX/UI refinements. We are evolving our design to make the experience smooth and fast, always keeping in mind the details that make the use of Brill a pleasure.
Brilliant! Such a time saver
@mobisamurai thank you sir! :)
very very good
@ribier_design thank you so much... we appreciate your kind comments!
Very cool and handy - without it my team would have to digitize workshop notes manually
@vytautas_a thank you for all the support, Vy!