Brex Rewards

The most valuable rewards program for startups

Brex is the first corporate card for startups. You can now earn points on all of your spend and get over $25,000 in value from partner offers including AWS, Salesforce, and WeWork. Over the course of a year, an average startup will earn at least 20% more than with competitor cards. Learn more at

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Hey PH – Henrique here. The last time I posted I introduced Brex - the first corporate card for startups. After a couple of months of designing and testing, I’m now proud to introduce Brex Rewards - the most valuable rewards program for startups. With Brex Rewards you get: - Points accumulation on all your spend - Up to $25K in sign up bonuses from partner offers including AWS, Salesforce, and WeWork - Uncapped multipliers - Industry leading multipliers if you join Brex Exclusive: 7x ride-share, 3x travel, 3x on dining, and 2x on Recurring Software/SaaS
@hdubugras, congrats on the Brex Rewards launch! I enjoyed listening to your interview with Anu; really awesome story so far. Where can I listen to/read about Brex’s longer term plan? It seems like the obvious play is gaining international capabilities, but it seems like you guys have some ideas around additional product capabilities that could be value-added to the entrepreneur.
@hdubugras I just submitted an application. Here's my feedback. Why isn't a bank like Azlo a part of your financial options - but - BBVA Compass is? Will you be doing a workshop series for minority women owned business looking to accept government contracts to use your product? I'd love to discuss and have applied for your ambassador program to get the conversation started.
Is this USA only?

Have been using Brex at my startup since beta launch and keeps getting better


Rewards look awesome and super relevant to tech


Only for US companies - works great internationally for travel tho. No need to call or do travel alerts :)

Brex looks interesting! I would like to publish an interview about it at at no cost at all - please fill the form on the website, or PM at to discuss details
Love this @hdubugras ! Quick question for you, is there a referral code that we should use for Product Hunt by chance ?!?
@pmlonglamoureux Yes - Product Hunt is the referral code! We just created it this morning, will update the post