Brex for Ecommerce

Interest-free financing for ecommerce

Brex introduces the first corporate card for ecommerce. Brands with more than $50,000 in sales per month get interest-free net-60 terms with instant approval and 24/7 fraud monitoring.

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Henrique Dubugras
CEO at Brex
Hey PH – Henrique from Brex introducing our newest product, Brex for ecommerce. After launching our corporate card for startups, we quickly realized there are many other types of businesses whose needs are not being met by traditional banking. Banks and other traditional financial players treat every small business as a uniform entity when in fact each vertical has its own unique needs. This became even more apparent after hearing feedback from some of our existing ecommerce customers. Unlike tech startups, online brands typically didn’t have a lot of cash sitting in the bank (buying inventory and ads to acquire customers is quite expensive) and cared a lot about getting access to a quick influx of cash. We soon learned the current solutions (merchant cash advances, traditional bank loans, and working capital loans) were expensive and inefficient – the exact opposite of what a growing ecommerce company needs. We thought Brex could help, which is why after 6 weeks of hard work I’m proud to introduce what will hopefully be a gamechanger. With the first corporate card for ecommerce you get: - Interest-free Net 60 terms – Take a full 60 days to pay your bills and improve cash flow management - Higher limits – Get a credit limit at 50-100% of your monthly sales - Best-in-class support – Our U.S.-based support team is available via phone, email, and chat to assist with anything. We’re here to help you. - Fraud protection – You’re never liable for unauthorized transactions
ALCFO KozuLabs
We are big fans and users of the Brex products at Kozu Labs. We think the UI, customer service and expense management features are super helpful. Most importantly, Brex really understands our needs as a fledgling ecommerce business. They get how our business works and gives us better lending terms than any other product on the market, so we can scale efficiently. Thank you Brex for all that you do!