A collection of recent cyber attacks and data breaches

Breachroom is an ongoing collection of cyber attacks and data breaches from data that is publicly available.

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Hello PH community. At Templarbit we crunch a lot of data from cyber attacks and data breaches. One morning we had this idea to build an ongoing collection that is publicly available. Today we are proudly releasing this and are calling it the Breachroom.
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Love these kinds of small micro sites. super valuable and informative for both Templarbit and your Audience! Needs an email capture though :)
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@plc thanks for the love Peter. Spoken like a true marketing guru! We will probably built this out further over the coming month and gage the interest for a security focused newsletter or breach alert! Wanna help?
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This is great and super valuable. Great for transparency and accountability. Where do you source the data for this?
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@kaigradert We source this data from several channels and analyze internally to add color.
This is awesome! In addition to the email capture listed above, I could see adding a filter up at the top of the listing to sort/filter/search by severity, company, and type of breach. Not really needed now, but as the list grows, that could be very helpful.
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@alexsmacd Hey Alex, the filter is actually in progress and should be live sometime in the coming days. You can follow @templarbit on twitter to keep taps on us.
Awesome little micro site - great work!
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