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Modern replacement for Google Finance


Bravos.co is a clear and elegant way for investors to look up charts, key financial data, and high-quality news. It is designed for modern investors, covering public stocks, crypto, and pre-IPO companies.

Bravos is available on the Web, iOS, or Android.

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Partner, Homebrew

i get a daily email w several stock and the daily price change. it's braindead simple and a great small feature alongside their more advanced tools


simple portfolio tracking


none for me right now

Head of Ops @ LogDNA

Overall, great app. Use it everyday.


Great UI; simple and intuitive; great alternative to Google Finance; supports crypto


Mobile app doesn't work (Android) FIXED; stocks are listed alphabetically (can't sort them manually); news section needs a bit of work

Thanks Shawn. We'll look into the Android issue now (and I'll follow up privately if that's okay).
Head of Ops @ LogDNA
Hi @danielaxelsen I just checked, and you're right it's fixed now. I noted that in my review above. I hope that it's clear.

Makes stock stalking so much easier.


Lovely clean interface. Articles that are actually relevant. No screamy Jim Kramer type pronouncements.


None yet!