Modern replacement for Google Finance is a clear and elegant way for investors to look up charts, key financial data, and high-quality news. It is designed for modern investors, covering public stocks, crypto, and pre-IPO companies.

Bravos is available on the Web, iOS, or Android.

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Hi PH! is the modern platform for investors. We designed it to be a clear and fast way to track a wide range of public stocks, private companies, cryptocurrencies and more. Investors today use sites and apps that are almost hostile - they bombard us with auto-play video ads, clickbait, and millions of scammy robo-articles. TV hosts scream nonsense at their audiences. And always, whether we know it or not, our attention, privacy, and data is being sold to the highest bidder. As investors, it's hard to make good decisions under these circumstances. Cluttered screens distract us. Frantic headlines drive us between panic and greed. Our losses become the gains of predatory Wall Street veterans who thrive on this chaos and confusion. We built Bravos for ourselves - to cut the through the noise, clear away the clutter, and quickly provide the right data to make the best decision for yourself. We won't condescend to you with scammy ads, we won't sell your data, and we won't betray your privacy. We just want to build a great product that that we love to use. And of course, we’d love feedback. Thanks for taking the time and good luck out there. - Dan & Mike

i get a daily email w several stock and the daily price change. it's braindead simple and a great small feature alongside their more advanced tools


simple portfolio tracking


none for me right now

Been using the web version since Google Finance become unusable, and it rocks. Happy to see it has a mobile app as well.
Off and on for the alerts icon is misleading; the dark mode is wonderful (wish more sites would have this done as well as yours is).
@hdiwan thanks, yeah we'll replace the on/off switch. That's a good call. Dark Mode should be standard on everything, totally agree. It's my favorite way to use Bravos.
Looks fantastic, very smooth, clean interface that gets to the point without any clutter. Love it!