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Mobile deep linking available via Twitter’s Fabric

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Hey Product Hunters! I’m Cory, a software engineer on the Fabric team @Twitter. We’ve heard from many developers and product folks that marketing an app can be difficult. Some of the issues: user acquisition data is often fragmented between different channels, and sharing your app across those channels is cumbersome. To solve these for the community, we’re releasing a brand new integration today with Branch, a multi-channel deep linking and attribution tool for growing your mobile apps (works right out of the box with Answers, our in-app analytics tool). We’d love to hear what you think!
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@corydolphin @twitter this is awesome and looking forward to see and try its connection with Answers.
@mordodemaru Thanks! Can’t wait for you to try it and I’d love to hear what you think afterwards 👍
Hi Product Hunt! I'm John Joe and I work on the integration with @Fabric for @branchmetrics. So many of our users wanted to extend the benefits of Branch's Deep Links to other use cases for their apps. We were looking for the right platform to help us do this and, given the variety and quality of their toolkits, Fabric was the obvious choice. We built our first integration so you can measure the value that Branch's deep linked content sharing/user referrals provide your app from a usage and growth perspective within This is the first of many integrations between Branch and Fabric, so keep an eye out for more to come! Feel free to reach out with any questions!
This is absolutely fantastic. That is the beauty of digital marketing, where we should be able to track exactly where our traffic and users are coming from, so we can optimize our media mix. Solutions like these really help us achieve that objective.
@vishal1982 Couldn't agree more, and it's exactly why we set out to build this solution with Fabric. What are the other biggest needs you see facing mobile developers/you would want solved by Branch + Fabric (we're always looking for ideas for future use cases).
@branchjohnjoe Hi John - thank you for your response. Honestly coming from an e-commerce space, attribution and deep linking on the web was relatively well solved but now moving into an app only solution, this was the biggest need. There are multiple places from where we can drive installs / usage / re-engagement but getting that same level of clear attribution as we did on the web was not so easy. This solution definitely helps. We already use Branch for and I don't think deep linking is an option with apps, but a necessity. Users want to see the content you enticed them with, don't land them on your home page! It doesn't matter if it is an app, and with solutions like deferred deep linking Branch has taken it even further. Currently this solution really solves a big need and if there is further requirement, will make sure to reach out to you. Sincerely.
This looks like a great idea!