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Hey guys, this is Mada, one of the founders of Branch. We have seen again and again that mobile web is the absolute top of funnel for most businesses, where users come to evaluate your brand or passively consume content. It’s the single largest opportunity to convert users into loyal, high converting app users. We built the the Journeys platform to allow you to design custom audiences, create high converting banners and promos to the right users with the right messaging, then deep link them to the product after install. Our early beta tests indicate that this channel drives users that are 7x more likely to convert in the first week - and we can't wait to hear your feedback and what you think!
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@mada299 I agree with u mada. We are also exploring branch in our app. I have seen branch io in action at my previous work place. It's amazing.
Another really cool product offering from Branch. This team is on fire. Can't wait to see how this evolves!
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@jmj Thanks Jeff - so excited to see what you guys build with Branch at Tinder :) @mikemolinet is already a power user so he's volunteered to beta test :)
@mada299 @jmj @mikemolinet Don't forget to try it out .. I think we already got you setup with the Web SDK. Nothing is stopping you (well... except the credit card page) ;)
We've got nothing but love for this product (and Branch!) Keep up the good work.
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We've been using Branch.io for a while now and they have been an invaluable partner and product & marketing tool for growth. This new Web-to-App upsell interstitial is an excellent addition to the product suite, particularly for those startups (most) that are engineering resource constrained and want to empower more non-technical folks to test, improve and grow their marketing channels. Great work!
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This sounds great and the logical extension of Branch Metrics set of products. If we could take the mobile web to be the store front and the 'more info + check out' to be on the app ~ and this is a step closer! Loving this growing synergy between mobile web and apps!
@akhilsinght Thanks Akhil :) You can actually do that as well using a Branch link behind the more info links using our Web SDK. Happy to help!