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Autogenerated app content previews with deep links

#2 Product of the DayAugust 13, 2015
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Hi, I'm one of the founders or Branch. We started as app developers ourselves set to fix the problems we were facing building our own app, and the ability to surface content was our biggest challenge. You’ve know the problem - generic interstitials that prohibit people from using the mobile website with the intention of driving an app install. A user clicks on a link and is taken to a full page advertisement for the app. It’s basically the worst. Thousands of apps use Branch deep linking to route users to the right page after they install the app. We wanted to take this to the next level and give app developers the ability to route users to the right page before they install. What started out as a suggestion from a few developers in the Branch community has turned into a full-fledged product offering. Branch Deepviews are previews of your native app content that are: - dynamically created - automatically formatted - fully customizable - desktop or mobile web compatible Every Deepview comes loaded with a download call-to-action (CTA), powered by a deferred deep link, that will route users to the App Store and give them a personalized post-install experience. If a user already has the app, the Deepview will not be shown and the user will be taken directly to the content in the app after they click on the link. Moreover, because now every piece of content in your app has a webpage, we automatically add Apple Universal Link tags as well as Google App Indexing tags, Facebook AppLinks tags, making your app content discoverable.
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@mada299 do you have a link that shows the Deepview in action?
@mada299 the examples shown are image/text based. how would this work with a video app that has realtime chat?
@_gordee Hi Gordon, the deepview would show a preview of the chat basically - you would need to generate a preview of the message that was send to the user and they would see that in the deepview. They would need to then download the app to engage. Happy to chat through the details over a call or e-mail - mada [at] branch [dot] io and support [at] branch [dot] io
Have used Branch - thumbs up
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@rish_says Thanks Rish! You guys are already integrated so all you have to do is check a box and you are ready to go. takes 5 secs :) When are you guys enabling it? :)
@mada299 thanks - will do so next to next week :) but will try it out at next week - I have a clear use case on how this can increase our conversions.
Looks powerful, nice to be able to direct send peeps to the 'aha' moment instead of forcing them to d/l and sign up first. Has anyone tried this, curious to hear about the impact on conversion numbers!
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@pieterpaul Hey Pieter, we just have initial data for now from our launch partners - iHeartRadio, WeHeartIt, 9Gag, AllTheCooks, TheChive, Close5 and many more. In every single case, the Deepview additional step outperforms the direct-to-store flow by anywhere from 2 to 6 times over. As an example, data from Close5 has shown that users who see a Deepview after clicking a link will install at a rate of 37.5% as compared to users who are routed to an app store will install at rate of 7.6%.
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@mada299 that sounds awesome - need to chat with you on how to use this feature for Yink. This makes a lot of sense for us.
So deepviews are basically a quick preview of a specific view/frame within an app without the download latency? = no password or touch approval to download the app. Sounds Awesome.
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@datarade Yep pretty much, except is in the browser before the user has to download the app. Once they download it they get deplaned to that content right after install. What do you think?
Great work Branch team! Will definitely be using this and recommending to friends.
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