Box Breathing

Breathe in sync with this to calm yourself down

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Too bad iOS doesn't support animated wallpapers or this would be a great background for serendipitous meditation.
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@rrhoover Fully agree! But until then (or we build a native app) you can always add a web page bookmarklet to your iPhone home screen! :)
I'm a huge "dork for meditation" and box breathing actually works better for me when I'm feeling "escalated" because it provides visual and breath guidance which helps focus my mind when it's trying to run off in fifty million directions.
@katesegrin that's a wonderful use for box breathing, and I think I can relate, it seems to help me most when I'm "frazzled" :) a progressive webapp ;)
@gnumanth, I had the same idea, but I did it in CSS-only:
@gnclmorais Nice! The code you see thee is also CSS only, JS is just for the offline support.
Maybe that will help with my Misophonia induced cubical rage during lunch time.
@liquidchickenqq I know a good number of our users use box breathing when they're at work, as it's easy to use in noisy environments! :)
So thrilled this was hunted, thanks @razkarmi for posting it here! :) I built this Box Breathing tool after hearing about the technique, but realizing no visual had been made for it. Wanted more people to be able to practice this, as I had a hard time learning the practice initially.