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Collecting money sucks. Have a Bounty Hunter do it for you 😜

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Be it your sports league, student club, or Airbnb, collecting money / dues from groups can be a pain. That's why we built Bounty Hunt, a smart (funny) bot that does the dirty work for you 🤑

Tell a Bounty Hunter who owes you money and it'll take care of the rest. You'll get a one-stop dashboard + weekly email with a summary of who's paid you 🙌


  • Pros: 

    Super intuitive and useful!!!


    none yet

    Literally used this last night haha. I used to pay for stuff way more and got tired of losing $$. Clever solution, has already come in handy a couple times this month.

    I also really like that there are different personalities—I use this for business-y contacts also.

    Taylor Jacobson has used this product for one month.
  • Flora CapaldiSales Manager @ Salesforce

    Easy to use - I love the humor


    Would be cool to make my own GIFs

    I’ve used Bounty Hunt for big group dinners and team happy hours. Like being able to give people options on how they want to pay. Love the weekly email that tells me who’s paid so I don’t have to even think about it!

    Flora Capaldi has used this product for one month.


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Collin WalterMaker@collinpwalter · Tinkerer
Hey PH! It’s been a long-time dream of mine to build a full-fledged product from the ground up and launch it here on Product Hunt. Getting to this point was far harder than I expected (launching is truly an act of will), but we’re finally ready to share what we built with you! Our backstory: Last summer, I teamed up with a couple friends and we started building Bounty Hunt as a side project to solve a problem we knew all too well ⇒ the thankless job of paying for a group followed by reminding them to pay you back 🙀 We found it awkward to ping people, but if you didn’t, either they’d forget or you would. And if you wanted to use an expense splitting app like Splitwise, you needed everyone in the group to download a new app / create a new account, which was a showstopper. So we built, a smart bot with a personality that would do the job for us. Automating the entire collection process takes <2 mins and, once it’s done, you’re done 👍. Your friends never need to download an app or create an account – they simply pay you using whatever payment platform they prefer: Venmo, PayPal, or Square. Your Bounty Hunter will: 😺 Send friends a custom 1-click link to pay you 😸 Automatically track payments in one place 😻 Send you a weekly summary email with the option to nudge stragglers 😹 Use humor + GIFs to make the experience light (maybe even fun) I use it to collect dues for my basketball league, but friends have also used it for: 💰 Group / club dues 🌴 Group trips, events, dinners 🎁 Group purchases 🏠 Rent 👊 PH Offer: Let me if you’d like a promo code for free bonus hunts! 🙏 PH Ask: We built Bounty Hunt as a labor of love because we wanted this product to exist, but now aren’t sure if we should continue investing in it. If you’re someone who regularly organizes / pays for groups, we have two questions: (1) What new features would make you excited to use next time you have a group expense (customizable characters, mobile app, etc)? (2) Given group expenses are often irregular, how can we stay top of mind for you? 😽 Bonus Ask: We learned something important about ourselves during this process... we’re not funny. If you’re funny, we’d love to have you create our next Bounty Hunter character. Anything goes!
Braxton Huff 🙌🏻@3raxton · Creator traveling the world 🙌🏻
@collinpwalter Brilliant work! I have issues collecting my rent monthly from my roommates and would certainly use Bounty Hunter to avoid these problems. 1) I would love to see a mobile app for Bounty Hunter because I am a heavy mobile user. 2) To stay on top of mind for me the emails that give a weekly summary do just that. I would look forward to receiving them weekly. Also, there is no way to message you publicly, how can I get a few bonus hunts?
Collin WalterMaker@collinpwalter · Tinkerer
@3raxton Thanks for the feedback! Here's a one-time promo code for 75 free hunts: QQWT345Y
Braxton Huff 🙌🏻@3raxton · Creator traveling the world 🙌🏻
@collinpwalter appreciate it immensely Collin. I would love to help create new characters! Have anywhere I could reach out and share a few thoughts with you?
Collin WalterMaker@collinpwalter · Tinkerer
@3raxton please do! Shoot us a DM on Twitter @bounty_hunt_me
Taylor Jacobson@taylor_jacobson
I have a monthly meetup with some business buddies where we used to bring food and drinks and that just petered out because of money issues. The same two of us would always bring the snacks, but it felt like half of our communication with them every month was about money, which felt like crap. So we just stopped doing food/drinks. Awesome solution, love the way the whole thing is handled by a bounty hunter character instead of you!! I'll be using this for a trip in a few weeks too.
Collin WalterMaker@collinpwalter · Tinkerer
@taylor_jacobson very cool! Btw, check out the "basic" option (no bounty hunter character) if you ever want to use Bounty Hunt for more professional settings 👍
Taylor Jacobson@taylor_jacobson
@collinpwalter just checked it out—love it
Jono Schafler@jschafler · Partner @ LAUNCH
I’ve used Bounty Hunt several times leading up to the launch. Infinitely less awk way to gather coin from buddies. Hope to be able to do custom bounty hunters one day too!
Collin WalterMaker@collinpwalter · Tinkerer
@jschafler thanks for the love! Working on those custom bounty hunters for ya 😉
Matt Clark@matt_dba · Build Program Manager
@collinpwalter are there any assurances for privacy wrt phone numbers and such?
Collin WalterMaker@collinpwalter · Tinkerer
@matt_dba we don't handle any sensitive payment information and all contact info (ie, numbers + emails) is encrypted in our production database and only ever accessible by our on-call production engineer. All engineer access is audited.
Tim Speckhals@timmyrsde · Full Stack Web & Java Dev
What if I send an SMS like this to someone I know owns someone money and link to a fake "Bounty Hunter" site? Exactly, I get the money and you look bad.
Collin WalterMaker@collinpwalter · Tinkerer
@timmyrsde thanks for the question. We never send anyone to our site or handle money – you're sent directly to the payment platform of your choice (Venmo, PayPal, Square) where you can see / verify you're sending money to the right person.
Tim Speckhals@timmyrsde · Full Stack Web & Java Dev
@collinpwalter I still smell abuse.
Collin WalterMaker@collinpwalter · Tinkerer
Abuse is definitely an issue for any product touching payments and a top priority for us.