Bounty Hunt

Collecting money is painful. Have a smart bot do it for you!

Bounty Hunt is a smart bot — with a personality — that automates the tedious job of collecting money.

No new accounts or app downloads required — your friends simply pay you using whatever payment platform they prefer: Venmo, PayPal, or Square 🙌

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25 Reviews4.6/5

I’ve used Bounty Hunt for big group dinners and team happy hours. Like being able to give people options on how they want to pay. Love the weekly email that tells me who’s paid so I don’t have to even think about it!


Easy to use - I love the humor


Would be cool to make my own GIFs

For anyone collecting money from friends or peers, I'd definitely recommend trying Bounty Hunt. I've been testing the app for a few months -- including using it to help collect dues for a rec league -- and its helpfulness and ease-of-use have continually impressed me. Its made a task that was previously tedious/burdensome into a quick and easy process.


Useful, intuitive, well-designed and reliable. Solves a significant pain point for me


None yet

I wish I had this in college for dorm dinners and club fees. Now I use it for recurring payments like charging my roommates for rent and it's super easy!


Simple. The lolz


Needs an actual bounty hunter for those pesky friends ;)

Literally used this last night haha. I used to pay for stuff way more and got tired of losing $$. Clever solution, has already come in handy a couple times this month.

I also really like that there are different personalities—I use this for business-y contacts also.


Super intuitive and useful!!!


none yet

I have a monthly meetup with some business buddies where we used to bring food and drinks and that just petered out because of money issues. The same two of us would always bring the snacks, but it felt like half of our communication with them every month was about money, which felt like crap. So we just stopped doing food/drinks. Awesome solution, love the way the whole thing is handled by a bounty hunter character instead of you!! I'll be using this for a trip in a few weeks too.
@taylor_jacobson very cool! Btw, check out the "basic" option (no bounty hunter character) if you ever want to use Bounty Hunt for more professional settings 👍
@collinpwalter just checked it out—love it