Bound 2

The dating app for hip hop fans

Forget Tinder. Forget Bumble. Dating is much funner when you actually have stuff in COMMON.

A shared love of hip-hop can go along way. So buckle up, choose your favourite artists, your favourite albums, write your raps (or ghostwrite them if you're Drake), "Hit the Ye Button" and meet the love of your life!

  • Pros: 

    Slick design & the ye button!


    Add more rappers to like. I’m into lil j sizzle at the moment, but couldn’t find him.

    Great app!

    Jack Dry has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    It’s very fun and lighthearted. Never struggled to start or keep a conversation going because what we have in common is quite obvious


    Gifs would be cool

    I had the best experience with my bound2 date

    Sezen Deniz Tokadam has used this product for one month.
👋 Hello Product Hunters! 😉 📖 Story In 2018 I made a dating website for Kanye West fans called Yeezy.Dating. It went pretty viral across the globe and just from the press attention alone I got about 5000 users in just a few days. But I wasn't that good at coding so the website was limited in its functionality. 🚀 Now Working with Ourselves (a tech venture studio in London) we present the 2nd much sleeker iteration. Except this time it's in the form of a top of the range app! 💖We hope it helps you on your quest to find love. Our fingers are crossed that someday soon Mr West himself will back the product. Thanks for any support 🙏🙏
Ayyyyyyyy IT'S LIT!!!
@thepatwalls haha cheers man!
This is a pretty unique concept in a world of dating apps. Congrats Harry on the launch 🎉
@deadcoder0904 thanks akshay!
Great. I like when I can search people by their interests. Meetville is also great website for this purpose. For example you can find local sober singles or something another.
Funny enough I re-watched Kayne's - Bound 2 video last night.