Bouncy Ball

A minimalist, physics puzzle game

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How did you come up with that idea?
@valscholz Lukas already had a basic version. The graphics were inspired by Abbotts 'Flatland'
@tallwilltweets Great game, congrats! Do you also plan to roll out an Android or Tablet Version?
@mahringer_a Also, with the last update, Bouncy Ball works on tablets (iOS) too :)
@gausterlukas Fantastic, I'll try that later today!
Thanks Andreas. An Android version of Bouncy Ball is on the cards, we'll keep you informed as it happens! Enjoy the game!
@tallwilltweets Hey, is there an android version yet?
How is that game different to
@3x14159265 While the basic concept of Bouncy Ball and that other game is similar (I even sat down together with Franz, the creator of lsd and had a nice talk), several things are different. For example: 1.) Bouncy Ball was coded 100% native (in Swift) and optimized for iOS devices to provide a great game experience 2.) Bouncy Ball comes with sound effects and a colorful UI 3.) You can submit your highscore to Game Center and compete with other players 4.) Bouncy Ball is a free game (in contrast to the iOS version of lsd) 5.) Several algorithms ensure that levels are build randomly to ensure variety, but at the same time the amount of generated impossible levels should be almost 0 6.) And of course: you bounce the ball to a circle, not to a square ;D If you have more questions I'm happy to answer them. All the best Lukas
@gausterlukas If you don't mind me asking (I'm curious) - did you draw inspiration from Franz's work, or was it independently conceived?
@lukasfittl Yes, we were inspired by it. Franz and I sat together to discuss porting his game to a native mobile app. In the end he chose another route, but said he is fine with me developing an own variation of the concept.