The fastest way to create a bot experience preview


Botsociety is a tool to preview and prototype chatbots and voice. We are the InVision of conversational interface. You will be able to quickly prototype for Facebook Messenger, Slack, Google Home and more.

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I was going to build this if it didn't exist. Our app's primary interface is a Slack bot. We need a way to rapidly prototype interactions and test them with users so we can tweak before implementing. Exactly what I was looking for.


Exactly what anyone building a bot needs


Haven't played with it enough yet

Products, Prototypes and Procrastination

Will be using this for all bot / messaging prototyping from now


SO simple to use, great prototyping tool.


Just started today, haven't found anything as of yet

Sneaky marketing. Instagram shows picture of book and then Download. Email then say: “Dear reader, We are thrilled to welcome you to the early access of our Conversation Design Guide. We will send you the first chapter as soon as it's ready - sometime around the first week of March. You will get both a PDF and a Google Doc version, where you and the rest of the community will leave us comments, feedback, and contributions. We can't wait to show you the first chapter! In the meantime, if you did not check it out already, you should sign up for Botsociety. It's a conversation design tool - think of it like Adobe for chatbots and voice. Creatives worldwide already designed more than 2 million messages on Botsociety. I can't wait to you see there as well! You can sign up for free here: In the meanwhile, thanks for your interest! If you have any question, just reply to this email. Vittorio & the Botsociety team”


Don’t know yet


Misleading marketing

Botsociety co-founder & CEO
Hi Carl! Botsociety CEO here. I'm sorry that you feel that way; we were 1 day late with our Conversation Design Guide, so the very first users got it a day later. You should have it by now! If not please tell me, I'll send you your copy