Design for anything conversational.
One tool to rule them all. Any chat platform, any voice platform. Are you working on your own custom experience? You can do that as well.
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Hi all! I'm excited to announce Botsociety 2, the product we've been working on for the last 10 months! We built it around 3 ideas for the perfect conversation design tool: - Design for anything. You should be able to design for any type of conversational interface, either chat, voice, or any other device mix - Design everything. You should be able to design complete conversation design patterns, like dedicated repair paths, multi-intents paths, multi-modal interactions, etc. - Collaborate. You should be able to keep managers and developers on the same page, collaborating on a complete design artifact. That also means that your engineers should be able to export your design to the technology that they want to use. Please let me know what you think!
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Have been close to the Botsociety team during the development of this new tool, and I swear this is going to change the way any company thinks about conversational interfaces. You can now design a user experience where context switches between voice, visuals, different displays, it's mind blowing. And still providing the simplicity of well loved design tools like Figma. Way to go Botsociety, way to go!
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@immanuelkapa Thank you Ema!
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Congrats, looks great! I find the ability to design multi-modal interactions quite intriguing. Building a conversational experience that works across different devices can be difficult with multiple layers of challenges. How would e.g. a multi-modal experience be designed that should work both on the phone and a smart display? Keep up the great work 🚀
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@einkoenig You can design that multi-modal experience with Botsociety! You can both design what happens when the interaction is the same, but with different formats; as well as what happens when the interaction changes substantially
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Wonderful job Vittorio, Botsociety was already an amazing tool with great features, I can't wait to work with version 2.
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@hosst thanks Jose! Let me know what you think once you tried it, this is just the start!
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Congrats, Vittorio :) The UX of the new version looks so amazing!! KUDO
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@shun_yamada Thanks! The team has been amazing
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