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We want to create tools and best practices that will enable a thousand bots to bloom. Botkit takes care of all the nitty gritty details of APIs connections and messaging protocols and gives developers tools mapped to how real people communicate like hearing things and holding conversations. We can't wait to see what kind of bots people create!
@benbrown dudeee!! congrats! I remember talking about this when we were at Betaworks Notifications Summit. Wow! Great to see it live :) all the support and love from Slash!
Botkit was announced yesterday with The Slack Platform Launch alongside Slack App Directory and The Slack Fund. Looks like a really interesting way @SlackHQ is going. I think this is an awesome step for a company to continue innovating while it grows. We have April Underwood doing a LIVE Chat today who is Head of Platform at Slack :) Reminds me of the startup studio model and similar traits to how @betaworks ... works.
Any plans to design for, and aim for, a msg platform standard? How does Botkit work as a protocol for Slack, Ryver, Hipchat, etc?
@chrisamccoy I think it's safe to use something that was designed as platform agnostic, like hubot instead of going for something that specific and hope they will enable it for other messaging services.
@chrisamccoy Eventually, we'd love to branch out and enable bots for all kinds of messaging platforms. Right now, our small team is very focused on the Slack platform. Aside from supporting Botkit, we are also working on Howdy, our bot coworker for Slack teams!
Nice launch timing! Sending to folks now to check out!
I noticed the "brilliant bots" section of Slack App Directory was sparse. What types of bots are you seeing built with Botkit?