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Wow, I'm posting a serious product. Look at this: Botify isn't really new but it's a really useful product if you want to improve the seo of your website/platform without freaking out while reading data. Also, they just launched a Chrome Plugin https://www.botify.com/blog/chro... and well, it's worth a try :)
Thanks Julie! Hope you've all started your free trial. Great to see Botify the most trending SEO app :-). Please share and RT the link to help us. Thanksss
I think there should be a trial on the website without having to Register.
We're getting plenty of great feedback by email, Twitter & co, thanks to you all for your support! If you want to discuss here on Product Hunt about our products and/or other SEO tools you use on a daily basis, we are all ears!
Hi - just a note on the how-to video. It contains great visuals, but the voiceover should be changed to reflect a warmer tone than it is giving off. Otherwise, solid!