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Hello everyone! We launched Botdesk today, aiming to help small business owners automate their customer support. In less than 5 minutes, SMBs can use their existing FAQ page to generate and launch an AI-powered, customer support chatbot on Botdesk. We have been building bots for enterprises since 2015, and we believe that it can really help smaller businesses too: by answering repetitive FAQ questions, 24/7, and getting visibility into what their customers are actually asking them about their business. The bot's only purpose is to answer support questions, so the focus is less about building customized cards/carousels, meaning it can be simpler and faster to get the bot up and running for these business owners. It's not just for SMBs, of course... We’ve goofed around a little and even turned Snoop Dogg’s legendary Reddit AMA into a bot with Botdesk: Would love to get your feedback and comments on this product! 😍
@carylyne it's an exciting day! ,🎤🎧
@carylyne super cool that you found a really specific use case for bots. Two questions: - Although it's great, it's not at all new... I have been talking to bots for a while now (mainly at hosting support companies). What are you doing differently or better? Do you think people are now more and more used to talking to bots? - and other thing... does the customer/user (the person talking to the bot) know that it's talking to a bot? When do you switch? Or does that go automatically? Good luck with the launch and the feedback!
@milann great questions! Thanks for taking the time :D - I agree with you that it's not new – we've been working with bots for close to 2 years now, and the main job we're trying to do here is to make it so simple that anyone can get a bot up and running in the shortest time possible :) Having come from the other way around, the *complex with lots of features* enterprise way, we wanted to see if it can help people who just want something foolproof. - The user knows that it's talking to a bot, and in fact that's all that it currently supports, until we know for sure that the target person setting up the bot above really needs or wants to take over the conversation at any point. - As for whether people are more used to talking to bots... Haha, that's an interesting point to think about. I think yes, in that they've seen more bots, but that's mainly among more tech-savvy consumers. Some of the enterprises we've talked are still very new to bots, and this is probably also true for quite a few SMBs out there. And a question for you, in turn: - What are some of the thoughts and learning you've gathered from bots and support companies so far? Anything that you felt was surprising and un-obvious that we should think about? :)
@carylyne I think bot mean the world for rudimentary tasks. Friends of mine are doing this for recruitment, to filter the funnel of applicants: And drift is using bots FROM first doing real time chat. Now doing bots to make it easier. A bank here in the Netherlands has it's zzp helpdesk using a custom bot: it's cool and they all have their specific uniqueness. I think I like it... I think bots should keep the human/witty factor to be relevant.
It's insane how simple it is to setup and deploy a customized chat bot (with personality!) to your site. Sick product. Definitely check out snoopbott - hilarious! :)
@hedani Thanks Justin! Look forward to your feedback on how it can improve, both on the AI/retraining side and the design. Glad you liked Snoopbott ;)
Do you plan to build integrations with other services, so that my bot can pull data from CRM, my Shipstation account, Shopify, etc?
@agabisov Definitely! We are using the first round of feedback to evaluate which integrations would make the most sense. Would reach out when we launch it.
Sweet! I have an infinite number of sites I could be testing your bot on! Brilliant idea guys! 🙌
@jowitaemberton launch on them and send us a note to feature in our next blog post! 🤖🤖
Super useful, especially since we already spent a ton of time on our help guide. Congrats to the team!
@andrewjiang thanks! Your help guide is definitely very impressive :) We reached out to see if Botdesk can help Sentio, so look forward to hearing feedback from your team!