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Customize the branded look & size of your Dialogflow web chat. Unlimited bots, prompts. Role-based seats at no extra cost. Voice-enabled, full-screen mode, language localization. Integrates with Janis, Dashbot, & Chatbase. Try it free, no card required. 🙂
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Hey all! Our team created Botcopy because we wanted a simple way to quickly embed brilliant Google Dialogflow agents into websites, without compromising on a branded look and feel, or rich media like buttons, carousels, and more. After launching our beta last year, we found kindred spirits around the world who liked what we built and signed up to use it. In the months to follow, we added feature after feature, usually at the request of one of our enterprise users. Today Botcopy v1 has just about every feature you could want. It's the easy way to get your NLU-powered Dialogflow agent embedded into your website in one click. We're especially proud of our recent integration for live chat handoff and easy Dialogflow training right from within Slack. Botcopy will be integrating with more frameworks soon. But we're staying true to our mission to help you put smart conversational AI where you want it, in a way that puts you in control. We love feedback, so please put questions or comments below and we'll be eager to respond. Thanks! Botcopy team
Super easy to use interface! I was able to add web as my second channel and chat with a Live agent without building custom code. In a matter of a couple of days I had a production ready bot. The customer service is amazing and very responsive. I have and will continue to recommend this product/company to other bot builders.
@jim_lucas1 Jim! Great to hear from you and thanks for the support. A production-ready bot means diff things to diff companies. You happen to be a quick study on Dialogflow and we’re fans of what you’ve managed to achieve in such a short time! 👊
Botcopy fills the gap between Dialogflow and your website visitors.
@maciej_maliszewski Thanks for your comment. It helps that there are superb agencies like yours innovating on the creative end of conversational experiences.
Congrats on the launch guys. Good product and team here that understand Dialogflow and it's potential. Happy to have them as integration partners.
@joshbarkin Thanks Josh, we appreciate that, and back at you. We're extremely proud to integrate with Janis and encourage anyone reading this to check out as well as Botcopy.
So little effort for so much value. You can create highly engaging interactions that solve real customers real problem, easily perfecting it until no client is left behind. By far the best ROI for your support services and/or customer success and such.
@adi_joseph_shmorak Thanks! Love the “no client left behind” idea. Having a smart agent running 24/7 that also closes the gap of defaults over time really does ensure that every customer gets what they need, when they need it.