On-Demand chatbot developers

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Nice idea! I was actually looking to launch something similar. But I was going to position it more as a "Design Inc" /"Crew" for bots - highly vetted makers How do people know what kind of quality is offered here? What are the previous projects built by the makers? Who are the makers?
@bentossell Are you interested in partnering up? Looking to get my designers together to design bots and messaging apps. Just design, no dev!
So who develops the bots, Is it US based team or outsourced to India and etc and you just project manage? Also, are you using platforms like Chatfuel or code each bot from scratch in custom way?
This definitely got potential. Is it possible to choose developers from a specific timezone?
@espenteik thanks! For the time zones, not at the moment.
Contact email is not working.
@vladzima should be working. You can shoot me an email too at
Thanks for posting to PH. I'm happy to field questions around the product/services.