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How much money can you make selling software?

About’s goal is to help entrepreneurs (like you) estimate their annual income. We also provide weekly digests of the best resources to start a "bootstrapped" business.

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Chad Fullerton
Francesco Napoletano
Joe Barbour
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  • Chad Fullerton
    Chad FullertonFounder, FullertonMedia

    Simple UI


    Too simple.

    Doesn't factor in a lot of other important factors such as payment processor fees.

    Doesn't show detailed number breakdowns.

    Way better option by Hamish (@hamstu) at check that one out! :) Hopefully @ndethore gets inspired by that one to add some of those features to his. Lots of potential with this!

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  • Roger Stach
    Roger StachSoftware Engineer

    I think this app wasn't created for the management, this app was created for future CEO's to know how much their startup is going to make.


    You're easy to duplicate. You're like Trello. Make a feature that doesn't let people duplicate it.

    Useful. Really Useful.

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  • Franco Correa
    Franco CorreaSoftware Engineer from Montevideo

    Nice UI


    Does not add much value, simple calculations.

    It could calculate the payment processor fees at least, but it doesn't.

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  • Jeff Whitlock
    Jeff WhitlockFounder & CEO @ Unbird

    Clean design.


    Way too simple. Not much value add.

    The product does an extremely simple calculation that one can do with a calculator, napkin, or spreadsheet just as easy.

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  • Gary Houbre
    Gary HoubreDéveloper web

    Good UI


    Too Simple Calculate

    We need more condition and/or can adding new entry for calculate.

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  • NaveenKumar Namachivayam
    NaveenKumar NamachivayamPerformance Test Lead |

    Simple UI


    Simple calculator

    It is a simple calculator. Not much useful.

    NaveenKumar Namachivayam has never used this product.
  • Michael K. Alade
    Michael K. AladeSoftware Dev. Working on Makertap

    Nice calculations


    - I would need to see the monthly amount

    - There is a bug if I set the number of customers to 0, I still the amount total amount

    Nice work

    Michael K. Alade has used this product for one day.
  • Thallyson Dias
    Thallyson DiasCEO Argo Digital

    nice ui



    is very interessant. give you an idea of how much you can earn.

    It could have more variables.

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  • Thoma Daneau
    Thoma DaneauDigital strategist

    Looks good and an easy to use UI


    Doesn't do much than an Excel sheet

    This tools is not a real tool with useful informations to make a difference on

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