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Agree with @raynes_cc this in no way merits a website of its own; apart from being a very simple calculation that you could do in your head, it also misses out basic costs such as payment processing fees, and is therefore misleading.
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@raynes_cc @mickc79 Hi Mick, Thanks for pointing this out. I've updated the description to reflects that this tool doesn't take into account operational costs 🙂 What costs would you add to the calculation beside payment processing?
@raynes_cc @ndethore Hi, it’s difficult to generalise as every setup will be different. But in my own model for this which I built in a spreadsheet I account for processing costs, currency conversion, my particular hosting costs, my adwords and advertising budget and I’m sure some other things. As I said, not easy to generalise.
@raynes_cc @mickc79 No, that's not fair. Sure, I won't be including the numbers on a pitch deck but it's a fun little tool that makes it quick and easy to see 'what if' scenarios. I think this is perfect for what OP is trying to accomplish - to get signups for his newsletter. Good job @ndethore!
@highaced -1. Just my opinion.
@highaced @raynes_cc I've added payment processing fees to the calculation ;) I can imagine this won't replace your amazing excel spreadsheet but hope it makes more sense to you now.
This is really great for someone who hates math.

Way better option by Hamish (@hamstu) at check that one out! :) Hopefully @ndethore gets inspired by that one to add some of those features to his. Lots of potential with this!


Simple UI


Too simple.

Doesn't factor in a lot of other important factors such as payment processor fees.

Doesn't show detailed number breakdowns.

Hey Chad, Thanks for your feedback 🙌 You're right. Payment processor fees are an important parameter and i've added them to the calculation. Hope you like it 😺
Good hook - mysterious enough to get me in
@steveraffner agreed. But a simple calculation that perhaps didn’t need a website(?)
@raynes_cc Hey Andrew, Thanks for you comment. I honestly didn't expect this week-end project to be picked up 😅 I thought about adding basic marketing variable (like Churn, Open Rate, Conversion Rate and more) to show how they affect gross income... Would that be useful to you?
Selling a service for $9.999100000000098e+23 per month to customers via Stripe generates $NaN /year :))