It’s the latest incarnation of our world-famous Bootstrap theme editor,

which makes it extra easy to create your own custom Bootstrap 4.0 template using the built-in HTML editor with live reload. Use all Bootstrap variables, mixins and functions from Sass to create an amazing template.

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So awesome! If you guys don't have the time to, I might package this up as an electron app for offline use. It would be rad to be able to work on my theme during my commute.
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@dbradleyfl It's a great idea!
@dbradleyfl where can I keep up with updates on this??
@jdfwarrior I'll let you know in this thread. I should be able to find the time in the next week, or so.
@jdfwarrior @dbradleyfl Since it's just a web page, building a service worker to cache all the information/assets for offline use should be good enough. Don't hesitate to make a PR about that. Good day
@antoineakt service workers are one thing I haven't really messed with yet but.. hey.. this gives me a reason to do it/try. Thanks
Hello, We are pretty excited to be presenting Bootstrap Magic 4.0 to the ProductHunt community today. It’s the latest incarnation of our famous Bootstrap theme editor, which makes it extra easy to create your own custom Bootstrap 4.0 template using: - SCSS live reload - Bootstrap variables, mixins and functions with typeahead completion - Google WebFonts - A new built-in HTML/CSS editor Thanks for your time and feel free to share, upvote and obviously, leave your feedback! Long life to Bootstrap
Hi, Congratulations on launch at PH. It's a great product, simple and easy to use. Bootstrap 4 is absolutely amazing and I love it. I've been working on something very similar ( since last few months. I started it out of frustration while customizing BS themes that I purchased from different marketplaces. Wish, I know about this beautiful in-browser tool before. It could've saved a lot of my time. P.S. I noticed you are using sass.js to compile SASS files in browser. But it is missing vendor prefixes. Bootstrap official uses autoprefixer.js to add vendor prefixes automatically during build. Without vendor prefixes, it would only work fine in modern browsers.
That looks great. This is the first time I am seeing a Theme editor. Will use it for my next project. The wave animation is very cool. FYI, the top green circles around social media icons are looking rough in my chrome ( maybe anti-aliasing will make them look smoother).
@prakis Thanks! Will change that in CSS. It looks like the SVG is coming out weird.
This is supercool.