Create tasks, schedule texts & send appointment reminders.

BoostWork combines task management and scheduling. Schedule follow-up texts, send appointment reminders and assign tasks to your phone contacts.
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Thanks so much to @bramk for hunting us! Hello fellow Product Hunters. The idea of this app was to combine task management and scheduling in a new and easy way. I thought they would fit well together in one space. Some unique features we added are scheduling follow-up text messages and phone calls, when you assign a phone contact. Also if you create an appointment you'll get prompted to send out an appointment reminder the day before to your client. ๐Ÿš€ The iPad and desktop app will be coming soon, along with some additional features. I'd love to hear from you, any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
@bramk @keithmichelson really interested in the desktop version of this! Any ideas on monetization?
@bramk @brad_gessell That's really good to hear, thanks. I'm currently working on that version and we have a few monetization ideas, including extra features for a pro version.