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Glitch’s new membership powers up your full-stack web apps

Glitch is the fastest and easiest way to create and collaborate online, going from idea to code at lightning speed, right from your browser. And now, coders can unlock powerful features that make it easy to keep full-power web apps running smoothly.
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At Glitch, we've always tried to make it super easy to instantly create web apps — we want to make sure you can go straight from your idea to a live, full-stack app. And now, we're taking away all the complexity of *running* those apps. There's none of the complexity of regular cloud hosting. You can just join our new paid membership for ten bucks a month, and we give your apps boosted storage, memory and performance so they're always running smoothly. We're really excited to launch our first paid service for Glitch, and also to give developers on the platform the top features they've been asking for. The community's already built over *five million* apps on Glitch, and we can't wait to see what everyone creates now!
@anildash - Following for that webflow integration in the future lol
@emmanuel_kaska Love Webflow — Vlad and the whole team are doing amazing work. I hope we do get to connect our platforms some way in the future.
Congrats on the launch! Just upgraded. 👊
@mazzeo So glad to have you in the community, thanks for joining. :)
I love Glitch and I’m excited I can finally give you my money
@jimray thanks so much! Really appreciate what you and so many others at Slack have done on the platform.
This is great news, congrats! Upgraded last week. I'd love if there was a way to "boost" other users whose work you want to support (i.e. give them "boost credits" to upgrade their own apps) — a similar concept to how people can give/receive "thanks" to use custom domains on their Glitch apps!
@kanad Love this suggestion! It's something that the team was just talking about the other week.
@kanad Also, thanks for the support!
We've been using Glitch for quite a while now at CropSafe. By far one of the valuable tools we have in our stack. Every week we make hundreds of tiny iterations to our code when experimenting features with our customers, so the instant deployment Glitch has built-in has been perfect for our case, helping us test and experiment very quickly. Looking forward to utilising the Boosted App capabilities with CropSafe!
@john_mcelhone1 John, thanks so much for sharing your story — CropSafe is exactly the kind of project that inspires our whole team to create Glitch. We're so excited to watch your app take off!