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As almost everything about Goodreads is broken, readers do not have a great community to discover, recommend and discuss books while authors lack a good channel to interact with their readers. Readers hack other social platforms like #bookstagram-ers do on IG, #booktube-rs do on YouTube or move the discussion to Reddit. But these platforms are not built for books. This is why we built Currently we are a drop in replacement for Goodreads and over the coming months we are launching premium audiobook and ebook content to the app with a new, more flexible pricing model for digital books. In the meantime, join the book club and let us know all your feedback!
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@miles_scherrer +1 for Goodreads sync not working. Logged in on the web ... hit button, busted.
@airjoshb Sorry about that, it should work now. Might need to login incognito or clear cache. If still no, DM me your goodreads profile link and we will do it manually :P
Been using this for a long time and it's impressive to see how far it has come. πŸŽ‰βœŒοΈ
@nafetswirth Thanks Stefan!! πŸ™πŸ––
@nafetswirth Thanks for the support Stefan!
The app is so good that I manually migrated all my books from goodreads even though it was still in beta and buggy as hell. With the already steady improvements I am looking forward to see where it goes from here! πŸ’«
@rogerolden Thanks for bearing with us Roger :P
@rogerolden getting there, step by step!
@rogerolden I'm curious what you found so good that you manually migrated your books? What are the killer features for you? I like the idea of a better Goodreads a lot, but am not finding enough of a reason to spend the time. Even after going back and forth with import issues, it only got about 40% of my Goodreads.
Wow, finally a good Goodreads alternative! I wandered a bit in all the section ( really neat, congrats), but for me to definitely switch to this I need two features: - Log pages read while the book is in 'Reading' - Submit new books via ISBN scan or manually Also, the Goodreads import seems not to work :)
@ijaack94 Thanks! - Page logging is actually available for most books if you open the book's main page under the "Your reading" headline. We also compute total pages read overall which you can track in the achievements page on your profile (were you also can set reading goals and daily reminders). If you cannot find it, let me know which book and we will add the page number data :) - Yes, that would be neat! - Make sure you are logged in on the web since this is still only a web feature and we will work on improving it in the meantime!
@miles_scherrer OK, I tried with a couple of books but I didn't manage to do it :( I also tried multiple times for Goodreads import, but It didn't work, also if I have an active session in Goodreads..:(
@ijaack94 Try now, the pages number data has now been added :) Also for syncing, make sure you are logged in to Bookself's web app in the browser before authenticating Goodreads.
@miles_scherrer I don't know, it still doesn't work: I signed with Facebook on both accounts, is that ok? Don't know what to think of anymore :(
@ijaack94 Hmm let's look into it, I will PM you!
This is awesome! As I'm trying to import from Goodreads it just says Stacking books... and I'm doing this from my browser
@jcalvarezjr We need to polish this feature but the most common issue is that you need to be logged in to Bookself in the web browser before authenticating Goodreads. It is currently a web feature only so if you got directed from the mobile app, log in to Bookself in your mobile browser too.
@miles_scherrer no worries, I just manually added my books. Really got a give it to you, this is very clean and simple. I'll be using this as a Goodreads replacement! Looking forward to what else you've got planned for it.
@tom_pryor Now it should be fixed! If you get the same no response, try with incognito mode and it should work :)
@jcalvarezjr Thanks! We are primarily looking to add more content (audiobooks, ebooks), improved threading in chats for book discussions and stats/achievements/challenges. Curious to hear what would be valuable for you!