Bookmarks Anywhere

Access your Chrome bookmarks or add new ones on any device.

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Hi producthunt, thank you @rahulvarshneya for posting it here ! I am the creator of this extension, so if any one of you have recommendations or questions about it, I would be more than happy to answer them.
@adbalogh Seems cool, but I can't sync my Chrome extensions. Can you help me out?
@tzhongg I'm very glad you like it. Could you explain to me what is not working for you? Have you downloaded the extension ?
@adbalogh Downloaded and synced with my gmail account. Screen just shows "you have no bookmarks synced."
@tzhongg Sorry about that. I think I found the bug that was causing it. Could you try again now ?
@adbalogh Works! :) Is it still syncing? Only some of my bookmarks are added. And in the future, when I add bookmarks to my bookmarks bar, it automatically adds to Bookmarks Any right?