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Thanks for hunting us @tomazstolfa Really happy to be here with Booking.js. We’ve worked hard on launching this. For those of you who haven’t heard about it; it’s the easiest way to create an embeddable booking form that can be added to any site or product in a few minutes. We want to change how you book things online and this is the first step in that direction. By empowering developers to build booking into a product, but with minimal code. We’d love to hear your feedback and see where you embed it. I’ve created one here: http://hourhq.com/jesper
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@klngnbrg Looks fantastic Jesper! Can it only be used with a google cal?
@mikelholford Thanks !! right now Booking.js only integrates with Google. Timekit also supports being the custom provider, if you don't want to run it on a 3rd party provider. In the future we may release Office365 and iCloud if enough people want it.
@klngnbrg Is booking.js down right now?
This is amazing, congrats @klngnbrg and team! I'm personally blown away by the fact that most of the UI was built with Webflow (https://www.designernews.co/stor...) ♥️
@callmevlad Thanks !! Our swiss army knife @laander1901 decided to take a shot at making it entirely in Webflow. Initially we discussed that we probably had to revert and make it as an Angular app, but eventually he managed to do some magic and make everything super smooth with Webflow. Last thing I heard he got persuaded into making a tutorial of how he did it 👏right @laander1901 😬
Hi Jesper, how does it compare to Meekan’s API? (https://meekan.com/developers)
@shemag8 I think the two main differences are ( 1 ) Timekit is API-first, not an API released in the wake of a consumer product. ( 2 ) It seems Meekan is focused on adding scheduling capabilities for meetings. Whereas Timekit is meant as the building block for both scheduling, booking and calendars. While there's similarities between the two; Timekit is created to be flexible and modular so you can add it to everything from sharing-economy marketplaces, productivity tools, social tools, and business tools. 👍
@klngnbrg @shemag8 Thanks for pointing out some of the differences, just a few more: 1) Meekan's consumer products are actually just a really good use-case for our API, which is very flexible, and allows not only booking - but finding best mutual times, sending options as a poll, receiving votes, and of course, creating and updating events in your calendars. 2) Our API works with Google, Office365 and iCloud 3) Meekan saves time when it's more than a 1:1, but a 3-4 people meeting, even across timezones.
@eyalyavor Thanks for joining us. I think it makes sense to look at Meekan and Timekit in the same box, but doing two different things. We are focusing a lot on Human-to-Resource scheduling - thus enabling developers to build scheduling and booking engines where only one side is a human who can interact. The other is a resource (service/item/non-interacting-human) with rules and settings for an optimal allocation of availability.
@klngnbrg @shemag8 We complete each other :) Making calendars a bit more connected, more accurate, and more useful.
Awesome! With all the peer-to-peer platforms popping up, this might come in handy
@daniel_friis Yup !! Especially since marketplaces should worry more about solving the infamous chick-n-egg problem than their scheduling/booking engine
Very cool! I've been looking for calendar packages like this for an idea I've had for a while, will dig further when I get some time :).