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I absolutely love this. I assumed this was a paid service and that video was just an example... As I was watching the video I thought, man, I'd love to hire the firm that did their video for some of our work. Then I underwent a transformational experience when I realized the entire thing was free.. a great gift and a great way for your to generate a ton of leads for your business! You could include an amazon affiliate link to the book, I think this will lead to more book sales and why not capture some of that value.. You could even donate all the affiliate commission to some related cause you love if you want to make this a zero profit venture.
@anthonyadams Hi Anthony thanks for the great feedback. Actually since we want to keep the project always free, incorporating an affiliate link and donating all the commissions is a great great idea and we will definitely consider it. Big big thanks!!!!
Every week you'll get a hand-crafted business book summary in video format. Get the best a book has to offer in less than 5 minutes.
@erictwillis Thanks Eric. Glad you liked it. Looking forward to any feedback
Hi all. I'm a big books lover and proposed with some team members to create this project. Every week we will be summarizing business books (classics and latest ones) targeting mostly startups -promise to have a better website soon as we focused mostly on the video format. We don't intend to make any money out of it, mostly build relationships and share our big love for books. Would love to hear your feedback as well as what books you would like to see summarized next. Big thanks!
@pfanis thanks for choosing to go down the free path! I know many people, including myself, will really appreciate that :)
@tzhongg Thanks Tiffany! I'm planning to change the landing page soon to make it less salesy. But yes this is an always free project for the community, as a great book can really can transform the way we work/live.
"We don't intend to make any money out of it" @pfanis This seems like one of the most legit uses for Amazon affiliate links I've seen lately... any plans for that?
@pfanis how will you be creating all of the videos? I'm a video editor / producer can offer some assistance if ever need. Like the idea
@staringispolite Hi Jonathan. Missed your question. Actually we don't have any affiliate links and if we ever incorporate them, the profits will go to a specific charity that will be announced. Thanks for your comment.
We've seen a bunch of book projects recently (including our, so as a reader, reviewer and editor, I'm quite happy to see tech people still interested in books. (shameless plug, today's book will be for Amy Wilkinson's The Creator's Code, and she was a great interviewee.) I've been intrigued by different ways to promote books using video. The book reviewer for the Washington Post does some great video reviews, and almost every major book release has a video promotion. (My partner has two of the kid reviewers for Kids Book Review that do very cute video book reviews.) So I'll be watching your videos with interest and seeing what you inspire.
This seems awesome. There's a guy that's making this his business model for YouTube. Here's an example of one of his videos:
If your summaries are anything like this, I think this will be an great service :)
Thanks@kevinespiritu We do whiteboards as a company, but we decided to create a more fun hand-crafted version for the books. Thanks for your feedback