Book-on-Behalf by Lola

Booking travel for your team has never been so easy.

Book-on-Behalf by Lola is the fast, easy and efficient way to book travel for colleagues.

Everything’s taken care of for travelers, as all receipts, itineraries, and updates, automatically appear in the traveler's app. BoB is another way Lola is making business travel less stressful, more productive.

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Hi everyone, please check out our new "Book on behalf" video. One of our goals with Lola is to make it the #1 booking tool for Executive Assistants, and this is an important step in the direction -- for EAs or for anyone who has to book travel for colleagues.
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@paul_english Look interesting, what's the pricing model and are you US only or can anyone join?
@paul_english @wattsjonc Hi Jon! I'm on the Business Development team at Lola. I'd love to chat with you in greater detail about your travel program, feel free to email our team at
Would be great if the product has some channel for Boss to communicate with the assistant about the requirements such as "hey can you book the hotel around around MIT" or "Make sure that the flight lands off peak times". May be a simple chat channel/forum for team communication to finalize the booking.
@deepak_kataria Thanks for the feedback, Deepak! I will pass it along to our product team. Feel free to reach out to to learn more about how we can help simplify business travel for your company.
@paul_english , Just a random thought if you have started with sales : a) Reach out to recently funded startups b) Reach out to companies hiring for EA's and secretaries .
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Love how there is 24x7 live chat support


Much better experience for booking than traditional business travel tools


Have not found any yet

Waaaaaay less complicated than legacy business travel systems but has all the corporate travel features that a growth stage business needs.


Simple, Cost Efficient


Only Hotel & Flight for now.