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Hey Product Hunt, At Gigster we’ve worked on thousands of software projects with non-technical founders, and we’ve seen many more of their software ideas. Time and again these founders tell us the most difficult thing is finding smart, tech-savvy people to discuss their ideas with. Before jumping into development, these founders want to have someone give them a thorough assessment of their idea and translate it from human speak into tech speak. They want to understand what it will take to turn their idea into a reality, and they want a concrete plan for how it will get built. That’s why we’re excited to launch a new product today called “Blueprint.” The process is simple: you talk to smart software developers who work at places like Google, Kayak, Mailgun, Facebook, and SpaceX, and they develop a plan for building your product. They’ll help you determine your product’s unique value proposition and the hypotheses you should test when releasing your product to users. They’ll also provide you with a full scope and technical plan for your project, including user stories, personas, and a detailed report of the technologies you’ll need. You’ll then be able to take the work they provide to any developer in the world to build your product. Please share any feedback and suggestions. Thanks again!
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@rogerdickey Hey Roger, how is this different than consulting with one of your sales engineers. Don't they nearly offer the same service for free?
@prestonattebery Great question. No, this involves doing tech research for solutions, creating user stories, user personas, wireframes and so on. There are times where a short chat with one of our project engineers is enough for a client to know what to do next but that’s a small subset of the cases we see. In those cases the free chat at the beginning is all they need.
@rogerdickey @prestonattebery Let me get this straight. It will take 3-4 weeks to scope out the work before even discussing what to build with the programmer? Would be more usefull for small/mid size companies if you build out a wizard that allows them to follow the steps and scope out their app
isn't it the same product and just another way for lead generation? The same what is the difference between Gigster 1.0 Gigster 2.0 and Gigster 3.0 submitted before at Product Hunt? I see it just a good way to remind about the same product. Basically why I like PH, it is because I can discover new products and services.
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@dainiskanopa It's not the same. They're saying they basically added a consulting service to their product, which I think is a nice idea.
@buzzb0x Here at ProductHunt is common thing to add something and call it v2.0 or similar. But in general the product is the same. As a voter and PH reader I am against this promotion and additional lead generation. I completely understand from the point of marketing, but digging deeper most of well upvoted products and services are doing the same staff- resubmitting them one or another way.
@dainiskanopa Thanks for the question. The key difference between this and our main product is that Blueprint is solely for getting a scope created. That means you get user stories, user personas, research into your core requirements and so on. With Gigster 3.0 we have many projects that are design-only, code reviews, maintenance and more still involve us taking a scope and building the dev and design for it. Those are all important but we were noticing there were a lot of folks who have a tech idea but feel frustrated and lost when it comes to knowing what the next steps should be. We figured we should build something just for those people that's a lot less daunting and a lot less commitment than building the entire product. Probably the best way to think of it is a way to workshop your idea with smart people and at the end you have a rock solid plan for building it if that's the direction you decide to go.
@rogerdickey @dainiskanopa I agree so much with that. I'm new to the freelance world but it's astounding how much people contact me and some freelancer friends without being aware of what can and can't be done in their ideas.
This seems like an interesting platform. Would be really something if it could be automated....That would be an amazing tool.
@chezacke My bet is that this is something can be enabled by AI and machine learning but never replaced. Successful products are built through nuanced knowledge and "gut" feelings that only individuals can possess.
@chezacke Thanks, we’re working on it ;) @prestonattebery Yep, mostly agree with that.
So what does a blueprint actually look like? Is this just a form that is part of the normal Gigster process?
@bentossell A typical blueprint includes user stories, user personas, wireframes, tech stack recommendations, feature lists, and notes on research done into the feasibility and options for core tech. In the normal Gigster process we deal with a lot of different project types including maintenance, code reviews and design only gigs and Gigster 3.0 is designed to handle those cases. What we have noticed from talking to clients is that there’s often a large disconnect people have between having the concept for what they want to build and turning that into an actionable, universal explanation that effectively communicates it with technical folks. The process clients go through when they create that document in collaboration with a savvy and experience product manager or developer is one of the highest value steps in the software build process. That’s why we decided to turn it into it’s own stand-alone product designed specifically for this use case.
@rogerdickey @bentossell It will be great to have a real sample. Even if it's just for a mockup/fake project. It will give a more realistic idea about the value.
such a great idea @rogerdickey - do you have some examples of plans developed and consulting cost involved. The FAQ says standard consulting rates are charged but then doesnt say what these are. Maybe i missed a link.
@imrat There’s a bit of variance there and we’re careful around pricing because each case really is different. The general range is $2,500 - $5,000 but there are always outliers. I’ll see if we can drum up a redacted version of a blueprint we’ve created in the past but we’re extra cautious on our side when it comes to respecting the privacy of our clients and honoring the NDA we have with them. To give you a sense of it though it generally includes user stories, user personas, wireframes, research into the feasibility of core technologies, recommendations for the tech stack and so on.